edith tall satchel anyone?

  1. just ordered it//can't wait to get it!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. post pics when you get it please!!!:nuts:
  3. I bought that bag and brought it back to NM because of the handles being so stiff and they way it buckles on top...it's extremely hard to get into. The leather is nice though!:yes:
  4. Same for me. I loved the style and the leather is to die for..but it was too hard to get into so, back it went.
  5. Congrats, you got a great price. I have this same bag, I just leave the top unbuckled, and I really like it, also gets lots of compliments. Hope you like it.
  6. Congrats~. If you need chloe dust bag, ask NM before they ship. When I bought this same bag, they did not include dust bag.
  7. good deal!
  8. does this also apply to bergdorf? This is where i bought it from...
  9. Yes. I am talking about Bergdorf not MN. Sorry...
  10. actually i buckle my bag, but whenever i need to get something small (like my wallet) i just unzip the side and reach in.

    but i just love this bag.
  11. I have this bag and love it!! I do the same thing... I buckle my bag and reach from the side.
  12. Keep the suggestions coming as I am concerned about how to get in and out of this gorgeous bag. The bag should arrive sometime next week....