Edith size question...

  1. Is the medium Edith about the same size as the Balenciaga City? Seems to be from the measurements but I'm wondering if any of you girls have both and can give me your thoughts? Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. I have both the Edith and the City - they're almost exactly the same size. The Edith may feel bigger because it's stiff as opposed to the slouchy b-bag style. But the interior size is very close to the same.

    Hope this helps!
  3. I think that the Edith is a bit bigger than the city but this seems to be because the leather is more rigid. I can easily fit in my school books and DIN A4 papers. This is possible in the city as well but not as many. Edith seems wider e.g. a notebook, 4 school books, papers, pencil case, wallet all in the Edith and the city can't take the notebook on top.
  4. I have both too and I feel the same way. The Balenciaga city is much softer and pliable so looks smaller but actually has just about the same dimensions as the Edith. Love them both.
  5. yes, the similar size, but somehow the edith looks big~lol, and heavier too!!
  6. Someone posted a photo of an Edith and City side by side...I think it was on the documenting colors thread for either Chloe or Balenciaga, and I think it was Style101's pic. But to answer your question, they are about the same size. The City slouches a lot because of the softness, so the Edith looks a bit larger, and the Edith tapers in a bit toward the top, but there is no significant difference. Edith is definitely heavier than the City, because the leather is thick and a totally different texture than the b-bag.
  7. yup they are all right... :smile: and aside from that, i think the edith can handle heavier things compared to the city. :smile: