edith shopper

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    any thoughts on this? i love the edith but need to be able to carry a bag on my shoulder and the large size looks ridiciulous on me...please feel free to be brutally honest as i'm not sure i even like this style myself... :shrugs:
  2. Actually, I have the black one and I love it. You can carry it on your shoulder and the bag will soften with use.
  3. oh thank you!!! may i ask where you got it (i found this on bergdorf on line but they're saying it's not available yet)...also if you don't mind how heavy is it?

    eta...i just called bergdorf and they have the brown in the store right now so if i'm going to try to get uptown tomoorow to check it out but i think i would prefer the black...did you see both? again, thanks very much!
  4. Wow, I haven't even seen that one yet. Jeeze how many "Edith" variations will there be?!?
  5. warning: sob story ahead...
    well it's unbelievably hot here but i had a sitter for the kids this afternoon so i decided to brave the weather and trekked uptown to check out the bag only to find when i got there that she was referring to another style! this one isn't available at bg yet...and to make matters worse my shoe broke on the way so i had to buy a new pair of sandals, normally not a cause for complaint but unfortunately it turns out these are uncomfortable. :sad:
    so if any of you were in the area today and saw a pathetic woman walking around bg half barefoot that was me! :drinks: