Edith Shopper 550ish!

  1. Still there!

    I got mine today! Very nice! Perfect for shopping, work or classes. I love that I can carry this over my shoulder.
  2. ^ what color did you get? I like style, but the brown looks too much like poopie color.
  3. how did u find this sale? i couldnt find it under their sale
  4. I called right after I placed my order and had received a confirmation. It was cancelled even though I had a confirmation number. All of these handbags popping up are returns and they have been discontinued-or so the rep told me when I spoke to her on the phone.:cursing:

  5. NM is famous for pulling this sorta crap,it happened to me a month ago :cursing: .I had 2 Chloe handbags in my shopping cart and before I could complete the checkout they pulled them from my cart.
    What actually happen was someone listed them at 50% off and caught their mistake,mind you each of those bags had a retail of $1,660.00 and were listed on sale for $830.00 a piece.I waited all of 10 minutes and they had put those bags back on their site at the regular retail price,they are sneaky as hell so don't believe all those bs excuses.
    After the trick they pulled on me I no longer give them my business.
  6. I have this in the muscade and I love it. I got it at Saks so I am grateful I didn't have to deal with this canceling orders nonsense. I can get a bit heavy to carry if you are walking and shopping for long periods, but it has tons of room.
  7. You have to have the link to the item, since it never shows up on the sale page.

    I was stalking that bag for one month, checking twice a day, and it never showed up as being available.
  8. LOL, I thought the color was poopie, too! :p
    I wasn't sure about this bag, it popped up for sale at 2ish one morning and I bought it on impulse. I thought it would be canceled anyway, but it came 3 days later, because I had a free, 3 day shipping code.

    It's brand new and a unique chocolate brown. I like earthy tones, so it works for me.
  9. looks like it's available again...

  10. Isn't that interesting? They told me on the phone that it was depleted and they did not have anymore available and this model would be discontinued...:yucky: