Edith Scare Omg!!!

  1. So today I took Whiskey Edith out for a spin (no rain for once!) - I placed her on the counter of a boutique while I was paying for my items... The salesgirl goes to hand me a cheap (dripy looking) ballpoint pen and spazzes out and the thing goes flying across the air (like slow motion) - the BACK of the pen grazes the front of Edith. She just looks at me and goes "oops". :mad: I grab Edith and start inspecting her (I didn't really care what the SA thought at this point) - ALL CLEAR...no pen mark, but man it was CLOSE. :Push:

    I thought I was being super careful with her - but this just reminded me to take it up a notch. Can you imagine? It would have broken my heart if she had a big blue pen mark across her front. What could you do in a situation like that?

    For your enjoyment (and reading this tale) i've included a photo of Edith with her new scarf on (a la Roey and her Chocolate Edith!)

  2. OMG! She's lucky! If it would've happened I would have gone straight to the Store Manager that's for sure!

    What photo editing software do you use?

    If you don't have any, go to and download it at www.irfanview.com, there you can resize photos, add watermarks. . . .
  3. Your Edith is gorgeous, especially all dressed up in the scarf. I'm glad it's okay....some people are just so rude.
  4. Phew - I'm glad Edith went unscathed.
    Love her all dressed up in her scarf!
  5. OMG Beauxgorix, I am so glad your bag didn't get a mark on it. There was a thread a couple weeks ago I think that talked about ways to remove pen marks but I would have freaked out had it been me and asked for the manager like Swankymomaof3 said. I would have told them I'd be back with my receipt for having the mark removed.

    And love the scarf on Edith too.
  6. OMG! Can you say cat fight! The claws would have come out if she got pen on my bag!!! I would have demanded they find a new one or pay for the one I had! So glad thought that it wasn't necessary and Edith is just as lovely as ever!!!
  7. Awful story! Her casual attitude didn't help either.

    Love Edith in her scarf! I think Edith is a bag that looks great accessorized. I never remove the scarf from my choco Edith; I think it needs the embellishment.
  8. ^^Well you know you were my inspiration! : )

    Now I need to find a scarf that matches my choco baby too!

    I was sooooooo relieved that it didn't leave a mark. I think I lost years of my life in the few seconds before I confirmed that she was okay!
  9. Did you still complete your purchase with her? I would have been tempted to say 'never mind' and walk out!
  10. Is that a designer scarf? The color goes nicely with the Whiskey. I originally bought Edith a Pucci scarf, then came to my senses and returned it in exchange for a $24 Ann Klein silk number! :biggrin:
  11. SO glad you didn't have to deal with a bad situation.
  12. ^^No - it's a total vintage find. It was really inexpensive - but I thought the colors looked so cute on her I just went for it and purchased it. When DH came home and saw Edith with her new scarf on he commented right away: "Wow that looks really great!" <---How can you not love a man that comments on things like that!

    I was (and still am) thinking of a Hermes pocket square for my Chocolate baby. There's a really pretty Jadite green patterned one that I think would be PERFECT on her. Maybe next month?
  13. Oh, don't you just love vintage finds? My sister owns a vintage business - jewelry and clothes - and at a show I tagged along with her to last month picked up two really pretty vintage scarves from the 70's for like $15 each. I knew your Edith's scarf looked unique! :biggrin:

    A Hermes square would be lovely. And it sounds like your DH is coming out of the PHH closet!!
  14. ^^Ha ha - maybe just a tad. I think it's just that he loves Edith. I can't really explain it (maybe it's because she looks like a briefcase?) - but he loves it so much he didn't even balk at the price (as he did with the muse and my balenciaga city) - for him that IS a shocker!
  15. your bag is so pretty.. i am glad that nothing bad happened to it or else, yup, ask for the store manager.... also, i am so excited to be getting an Edith soon............ very soon............don't know though if i will be glamorizing it...