Edith Satchel vs. Edith Bowling

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  1. I have decided to go ahead and buy me an Edith since I have been in love with the collection for far too long...But now the real question is:

    Should I buy the regular Edith Satchel or the very large Bowling?

    I would like something that will fit a small laptop, but still be comfortable to carry. I am concerned that the bowling bag might be too large to fit in certain places (like underneath the seat in front of you on aircrafts if you take it as a carry-on, and my Chloe will NOT be forced into the overhead compartments), but at the same time it is a brilliant beyond brilliant handbag.

    Also, any recommendations on color? I was thinking of chocolate or jade green.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I purchased a chocolate Edith satchel last week it was listed as the medium but it actually measures
    16 1/2"W. I loved it so much I ordered another one but a size larger :smile: 13"H x 19 1/2"W x 6"D in Muscat.
    I like the bowler but find the satchel much more appealing.This size would work well if you plan on carrying a laptop.
  3. The regular! The bowler is HUGE! I love it in the Ivory...but then it would get dirty on the airplane. As for the dark colors, I like it in the chocolate. =)

    Oh oh, and with all the sales now, doesn't hurt to get it first and then decide on the color.
  4. Cat, how do you feel about the large edith satchel in muscat? I am awaiting it's arrival just after buying the classic size in whiskey, and love it...but am curious about your thoughts on the large? im think of it for a work bag...do you have any pics? Thanks!:smile:
  5. The bowler is hugh, it is beautiful, but might be too big. I ordered one in red and sent it back because of the size, and I like big bags. I think you might be happier with the oversize Edith. My color preference would be chocolate.
  6. I vote for the chocolate. Jade on such a large bag seems like it could be a bit overwhelming.
  7. my vote goes to Chocolate, and the Edith regular size. the bowler is huge!
  8. I have both the regular and the bowler. The regular Edith fits my small laptop, but not my larger one (in a small padded sleeve, not unprotected). I have taken the bowler on planes with me, filled up with laptop, smaller purse, magazines, small electronics etc. and it fit under the seat on both narrowbody and widebody airplanes (regular size planes; it wouldn't fit under the seat on those little regional jets).

    The only pain with the bowler is that the straps are too small to carry over the shoulder, and lugging it with a laptop through the airport is cumbersome. I put the straps over the handle of my rolling bag and it fits fine and stays put and is much easier to carry as a result!

    Here are the two Ediths side-by-side:

  9. satchel looks so much more elegent imo... the bowler would be cute if it was a little bit smaller
  10. I have the satchel in the medium size. If you are after the large size satchel, it is definitely more like a travel bag. People will think you're going on a trip! However, the handles will fit over your shoulder.
  11. i love the Edith Bowler! it is my favourite shape of the Edith.
    But sadly I do have to admit that it gets cumbersome to carry when you put a lot of stuff in it... I carry her half empty (or I won't be able to carry her at all - I have NO muscle strength at all :P )....
  12. Satchel in Chocolate. =)
  13. Here's my Chocolate Satchel (some say it looks like whiskey) which I lOOOOOVVE. But I must admit I would eventually like to add a Bowler to my collection for travel....


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  14. ^^The satchel in chocolate is very nice.
  15. Loved the comparison shot, Bedhead... thanks.

    Both bags are fabulous. Having said that, a satchel seems to hold a ton of stuff for me and it seems to be the style that I favour (I have 4 Edith satchels). When that satchel is loaded, it weighs a ton.