edith satchel & mini padlock key chain HOTTTT

  1. i'm sorry if anyone have post this before. i just browsing neimanmarcus.com and spotted these beauties.
    edith satchel & mini padlock key chain (soo cute)
    anyone know the size? and anyone have it? it's sooo cute
    NMV7846_ex.jpg NMV7846_mp.jpg NMD3915_mp.jpg
  2. aawwww, how cute is that ickle keyring :biggrin:
  3. yes.. that's what i think too.
    i want one :crybaby:
  4. I want the Chloe padlock keychain w/the crystals on it!!! That's cute too though.
  5. as much as i like this, it's $615 :upsidedown:
  6. thanks girl.. although i think i might pass :P
    just bought a silverado doctor today :yahoo:
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