Edith Satchel, Large

  1. Still there.
  2. Beware....this is HUGE and really doesn't fold up nicely....more like luggage. The dimensions are deceptive! I was so excited to get it - and so disappointed when I saw it. Needless to say, I returned it.
  3. oh no...that makes me really sad! i am expecting delivery tomorrow but since it is getting delivered to my aunt in NY i wont really get to see it IRL until i get it from her..probably next month...what should i do?? i do like big bags though...maybe i'll like it... (hopefully):yes:
  4. make sense - this has been gone and reappear over and over again and i've been wondering why.
  5. I agree with Dcblam. I ordered one too and ended up returning it. It was like a duffle bag for me. If you're used to big Chloe bag, then it should be fine.
  6. how many days does NM allow for returns?
  7. in any case, i LOVE big bags. however, i like my bags to be pretty too! is the leather nice? has anyone who got this bag taken any pics before returning?TIA!:smile:
  8. Hi, I just returned one...but I do have lots of pics that I took of it before I returned it..it is a pretty bag, but it is a little bulky...
    However, it is very sturdy and will last a long time...the thing I didn't like about it is that when you fold it...it doesn't always fold evenly.
    I will post pics if you would like when I get home from work tonight.
  9. Oh thank you!! I would love some pics! It will really help me a lot!TIA! I do appreciate it!;)
  10. i would LOVE to see some pics, too. THX!!
  11. NP, I will be able to post them around 5 so look out for them then!
  12. Thanks Carmen82!Am lovin your collection...those are the bags i should have had (silverado hobo and front pocket paddy) had NM not cancelled my orders!! Will appreciate the solo pics of the edith as well! Will be watching out for them!
  13. cute and great price.