Edith Satchel $572

  1. Awesome deal, Great color!
  2. i love the color. Has anyone seen this bag IRL? Is it practical.

    The description says: buckle front, buckle sides, zip top, drawstring - i'm worried this is going to add a lot of weight to the bag :sad:
  3. Yes, I had this bag, and posted that I was sending it back. IRL it's a lot lighter in color and it was heavy and didn't look the shape that it is in the BG photo. They must have had it stuffed or held up by something to make it look like that...:smile:
  4. would you happen to have a photo of it before you sent it back? sorry it did not turn out as nice as the BG photo :sad:
  5. ooops, just checked again, it's gone now, please disregard my post above
  6. so gorgeous. I would have purchased but its gone.