EDITH: ROLL CALL: pocket snap & serial # questions.....

  1. I've read that some peoples Edith's didn't have the snap to the pocket so I just wanted to roll call to see.

    My serial # is 02-06-53 and both my Ediths have the snap. Whiskey Edith was purchased in the first wave of Edith's earlier this year. Choco Edith was purchased a couple months later (may).

    What serial # do you have and is there a snap on your pocket?
  2. Beaux, do you mean the magnetic snap underneath the buckled pocket? If that's the case, then yes, mine had it.
  3. My chamois has a snap.
  4. ^^Yes that's the one I mean. I've read that some bags don't have it - but since my whiskey was one of the first Edith's sold - I don't understand why they would remove this feature.

    As for the serial # - I agree with what you said in the other post

    02-(feb.) 06-(the year) 53 <--i'm not sure what this would mean.

    Basically i'm just wondering if all Ediths have the same serial number (since both of mine do) - or if they vary????
  5. Come on - roll call people! :flowers:
  6. 53 is the place or location of factory.
    They aren't serial numbers. Serial numbers are unique.
    They are simply date codes.
    A Paddy tag can have the exact same numbers as an Edith,
    and a Betty and a Silverado.:upsidedown:
  7. Wait - then were/what are the serial numbers on the Edith?
  8. My Edith: Whiskey; purchased when they first came out; has the snap; Ser# inside zipper pocket is 02-06-53.
  9. My edith's serial number is also 02-06-53!!!!:oh: I called up the boutique that sold me the bag and they said it's not a serial number it's the batch number? HUH?? Anyway, yes to magnetic buckle in the front pocket.
  10. So I guess this just means that all our Edith's our "first editions"?
  11. I went to pick up my silverado today, and because of all that talk about serial number, i started looking for it, and it has the tag inside the pocket. BUT, I didn't buy it in the end.:shame:
  12. Both of my Edith's have snap pockets and the same #'s 02-06-53
  13. Mine is 02-06-53 and it has the magnetic snap centered between the buckles. I honestly NEVER noticed the snap before! Mine is a whiskey and was in the first "batch" to arrive in the U.S. I was on the wait list since February!
  14. So I guess we're all first edition Edith owners!!! Does anyone have a fall Edith yet? It would be interesting to see if that order number/batch number is different than ours.
  15. Oops, I forgot to mention - the 02 is the season code not the month of the year.