Edith Question

Frances Bean

Nov 13, 2006
I'm interested in getting a whiskey edith... havn't seen it in real life, only on nm online, bergdorf's etc. In some listings the color looks darker and in others it appears lighter. Would you girls with the whiskey edith mind posting pictures of yours? And also do any chloe connoisseurs no if the edith will be released in a similar but lighter shade in the upcoming season ?
If you haven't yet, you can go to the Edith Lovers' Club thread under Chloe Reference section and you can view pics of some whiskey ediths! THere's a nutmeg color that is out this year that is a bit lighter or less reddish than the whiskey...! Whiskey is still offered in the new season except that the edith comes with a shoulder strap...you can view the new ediths on luisaviaroma.com. Hope this info helps! :P
nutmeg is a really pretty color by the way!!! it will go with a lot of other colors. I haven't seen an Edith in Nutmeg IRL, but I have seen a Paddy in Nutmeg and it is lovely!
^^gorgeous bag gelly!

I think a lighter nutmeg color sounds more appropriate for me. Can anyone show a picture of their nutmeg chloe or refer me to a website that has it ? I'm a total marc jacobs girl thinking of crossing over. ;)
Has or will it come in tan? Maybe I can find one on ebay.

Hi Frances Bean:
I just called Kirna Zabete today and they have one in Tan on sale for $795. (classic edith). Their # is 212-941-9656. I was looking for an Edith in rough or a paddy so unfortunately for me but you should call them if you are interested. The person who helped me was Sara.

good luck!
I believe the muscade color in the Edith looks much better than the whiskey. The whiskey looks like terracotta or a reddish orange in natural lighting, which is not very nice, unless you like that sort of color.