Edith Quest (Chamois/Muscade)

  1. Has anyone seen the chamois Edith lately (smaller size). I have the luggage version which I want to return. I also purchased one of the newer designs of the Edith and I'm not crazy about it.

    Has anyone see the Muscade color?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. gloss_gal, there is a Chamois medium Edith at the Saks in Dadeland Mall, in Miami Florida.

  3. Thanks!

    Update: I just called and the confused SA said that they don't gave it. :*(
  4. Hmmm...it was there when I returned my Whiskey Edith. Maybe someone snatched it up? Btw, the SA's at Dadeland Mall kinda suck. Give my favorite SA Diane a call. She is out of the Naples, Florida Saks. She was the one who found me my scrumply Edith.
  5. did you try Neimans in short hills? i'm pretty sure i saw one last time i was there...also i think they can do a check of availabily at all their stores...?

  6. I just saw one at the Intermix in DC. I am pretty sure they will charge send.
  7. I'm in DC, so I will give Intermix a call first. Lordguinny, you are so right, the SA I spoke to was so confused. First she said she had it and a green. Then she said she has Taupe and grey. I will call Diane and I will contact NM. Thanks PF'ers you are great and I will send an update!
  8. Ron Herman (South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA) had several Edith bags in stock yesterday...Nordstrom SCP also had Edith bags in stock yesterday...unsure of colors though...
  9. The saks in chevy chase had the muscade a few weeks ago. I also think I saw it at neimans in tysons. You may want to try these stores first because I think intermix only gives store credit...
  10. My girlfriend was in NYC yesterday and took this pic of a chamois Edith in the window at the Chloe boutique! :yes: Gorgeous!

    Chloe in the windowNYC.JPG
  11. Thanks Ladies. Cougess, what did you think of Muscade?
  12. ^ I thought it was a nice color - very neutral
  13. they only had choco and whiskey at short hills when i was there on sunday...
  14. Thanks Jeshika for looking out!