Edith priced too low!?

  1. The photo's of this Edith look good (as does the seller rating for the most part).

    Is this real? How could this sell for so low!!!

    ebay auction #6880848399
  2. Also what about this one. It looks real?

  3. beaux, I thought you had a whiskey Edith? The first auction (whiskey?) - the inner zipper fob is wrong, and the pics are of two different bags - one is wrinkled and the other isn't!

    The second - not quite the right color leather, the top zipper fabric color is off, and the outer zipper fob is a bit 'flacid'.... I've checked out that seller before and I think they sell good fakes.
  4. I was looking for a friend. (the whiskey) - I got sucked in and saw the chocolate and couldn't figure out how they could see for so low!
  5. The fakes are getting sooooo good now it's scary. And I think there's some switcheroos happening with what you see and what you get. Just over the weekend Daisy spotted a seller using mine and SoCals forum pics to peddle what must be a fake!