Edith Photo Comparison - Revenge of Chucky?!

  1. Okay, so as some of you know I was burned a couple of weeks ago on Ebay when I bought a fake Edith (blahg :censor:smile:. I sent that purse back to the seller and am waiting back to hear about my refund. In the meantime I secured two whiskey Ediths, one from Saks and one from NM online. The photos are below!

    1) LEFT: Pebbly. Some scrumples. Has bad posture but I think that's why I am so attracted to this bag!
    2) RIGHT: Very smooth. Proud Posture. Is this Chucky's sister? :blink: At least Chucky had some pebbling! This Chucky has no pebbling.

    For me it's a no brainer, I am keeping the one on the left. The one on the right is heading back to NM this weekend. When I showed my husband the two different bags he asked me why there was such a disparity between the two leathers . He believes that Chloe should definitely make it a point to quality check the look/feel of the Ediths.

    If I had only seen the bag on the right I would have never wanted the bag! It's a shame that some people only ever get to see the Chucky's.

    Now....do I continue the quest of trying to find a better Edith than the one on the left or do you ladies think it can't get any better? :love: hehe
  2. First, ~congrats~ on finding both of the Ediths, lordguinny!

    The one on the left is really nice and I think she's the keeper!!!
  3. I vote for the scrunchy one on the left too.
  4. I like the left too. I would wait until the next batch of Edith bags hit the store if you decide to see another. All of the ones we are finding now are returns. I personally would hold onto the bag on the left and take another look when the fall line arrives.
  5. Roey, I think with Saks I only get 60 days to return the bag. I am not sure if I will make it on time to wait for the fall releases.....
  6. I really like the one on the left! She's a keeper, guinny!
  7. I think the leather of the one on the left is great! It's a keeper!
  8. Lefty all the way!
  9. Lefty!!!! It's gorgeous....I think your search should be over because I don't think you could find a more perfect one. I love the pebbliness and also the color looks dark and rich on "lefty"
  10. Definitely the one on the left:yes:
  11. Hmm, actually I'll go for the right one.

    The texture of the left reminds me of my wrinkled sofa after sitting it on for sometime. I think the one on the right with a smoother surface looks buttery, and would eventually become wrinkled with use if that's what you're looking for.
  12. Chid, I could see how the one on the right might be of some interest to another buyer. As I was packing it away yesterday I thought, "this really is a pretty bag". The only thing is, the Edith is marketed as a distressed handbag whose uniqueness is markable by it's leather. That is why I think the scrumpled look appeals to so many people (we've been brainwashed! hehe).

    The funny thing is, what if it was originally marketed as a buttery smooth handbag? Imagine how many scrumpled bags would get sent back to the stores!
  13. Haha! I know so I guess it depends on the person's taste. Get what you like, not what you should like! ^___^
  14. I like the one on the right too because the pocket has more scrumples than the one of the left. I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Good luck!!!

    EDIT: Hmm.. if the one doesn't have pebbling, I would definitely want the left one... Too many decisions!!!!
  15. Some of the scrumpling has fallen out of my choco Edith but the pebbling is obviously still the same, very deep and textured. I think over time you might find the bag on the left will lose some scrumples, but the pebbling is great, and that's what I was after on my choco

    Chamois seems to be a completely different leather and I'm hoping it will retain that broken in/worn look and feel.

    I think you'd be hard pressed to find another Edith as nice as the left one, and if you return it to Saks and don't find a nicer bag come fall you'll regret it. So keep! :biggrin: