Edith owners--has your bag been holding its shape?

  1. Just wondering if those kicked-in sides, dents, wrinkles, etc. remain as the bag ages (um, in the two weeks we've had them!)? It seems that the small amount of warpiness (look it up) mine had when I got it has kind of smoothed out and I'm not sure I like that.

  2. What a bummer to hear! I'll be very interested in the feedback....
  3. mine seems to be keeping its shape...
  4. My Edith is still kinda boxy - she's getting more worn in though - softer - I think it only improves her look.
  5. Mine is okay. Try rolling the leather. When I put stuff inside, it stands up straighter...but then I take it out and the bag just falls over again.
  6. I guess I'm just wanting the best of both worlds.. worn in and soft, yet stiff enough to hold the "scrumples."

    ET, yeah, mine has been falling over since I got her, even with a little bit inside. What do you mean, "rolling the leather"?
  7. yeah, i'm curious about this rolling the leather thing as well. i would love to be able and hold the beautiful shape. it's a huge part of my attraction to the bag.
  8. I just went into Edith's room to check on her (hee, hee) and she looks the same, standing up all straight and regal. Her wrinkles are mostly on the back and the pocket and appear to be the same as the day she arrived. My opinion is that if the wrinkles are inherent in the leather (like the bumpiness of earlier Paddingtons) they will remain, but if those scrumples we love are due to the packing/shipping processes of getting Edith to the stores and to our homes they will eventually smooth out.

    I still plan to let Edith age naturally versus roll her, beat her, etc.
  9. Roey to Edith: "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!
  10. Beaux - LOL! That phrase will stand the test of time.

    (Haven't taken GD out for a spin yet...)
  11. ^LOL!
    My chammy Edith still looks the same.....perhaps yours has hit menopause??!!!!!

  12. Mine hasn't changed but I have only carried her for 2 days so far.
  13. When she's got stuff in her she stands really upright. Leather is getting softer but the "scrumples" remain!
  14. I took my grey Edith out for a first airing. She is sitting next to my desk, upright but with bad bad posture.
  15. I'm quite excited to see how Edith ages. i'm looking forward to all of your pics about 3 months from now:biggrin:

    Maybe then i'll have to have one! LOL.