edith or passy

  1. really cannot decide between this two.

    Any suggestion?:confused1::confused1::confused1:[​IMG]
  2. edith! it's gorgeous
  3. I prefer the Edith too!
  4. Go for the edith loaf, it's adorable!
  5. I think the Passy is so cute, but I think you might tire of it quickly, whereas the Edith has a more classic edge to it. So I would go with the Edith.
  6. Definitely the Edith
  7. Love the Edith!
  8. Edith has a more unique style to it!
  9. Got to love Edith!!!
  10. Hard descision, they are BOTH very cute!
  11. Edith
  12. I'm probably in the minority here, but I think you should pick the Passey. It's really timeless and elegant. Plus, you can get your name heat-stamped on it! LOL I'm really into writing my initials on things. But the Edith is gorgeous too, so either way you can't go wrong! Good luck!
  13. Edith for sure because it can be dressy or casual where I think the passy is more casual (more beachy tote).

    Also the Edith is a classic so you'll definitely get long term wear with it!
  14. get 2, they're both on sale right now!