EDITH! :) My new love!

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  1. I feel like I'm having twins! :yahoo:

    Why? In addition to my new MJ Hudson that's coming in, my awesome sister in law found the chocolate Edith at Saks' sale. After a lot of deliberation and shushing that guilty feeling, I decided to get myself an early (OK, two months) Christmas / Birthday gift!

    Check out that beauty! (The one on the right). That's my great sis in the background!

    I am SO dead ... at least through the end of this year!

  2. Congrats they are lovely.
  3. So happy for you! Love it! :yes:
  4. Congrats! Enjoy it!
  5. Congratulations on your new Edith!
  6. Congrats! And I love your purse closet!! :graucho:
  7. Wow! An beautiful chocolate Edith and ON SALE!! That's fantastic. Congratulations on your new Edith (and your Hudson)!
  8. Congrats! And I can see she is a purselover too, I spy a Venetia on her shoulder!
  9. Gorgeous ediths, congrats and enjoy..!! :flowers:
  10. Ooooh nice nice nice ^^
  11. Your ediths are tooo lovely. Congrats.
  12. Oh yeah for you!!! I just got my Rouge Edith last month, and am loving it. More than I thought I would!! So yeahhhhhhhh for you!!!!
  13. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:I love both Ediths!!! :love: They're gorgeous!!!!
  14. beautiful bag and an amazing price!!! :heart:
  15. Congrats on your new addition - enjoy!:yahoo:
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