Edith, Molly, or Betty?


Feb 27, 2006
Hello ladies... I need some opinions please!

I just received my whiskey edith from NM - and though I think she's beautiful - I'm wondering if she's a little too 'plain.' She's very 'Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley'... but Los Angeles isn't Rome, and I'm not Gwyneth Paltrow. I can't imagine carrying her much farther than Barnes and Noble.

Do you think I should get a Betty or Molly instead? (Sorry, I don't have any pics - but I've seen both styles all over this forum!) Do you think they carry less 'cache' since they're less 'It'?
If I were not too sure about the Edith, I would exchange it for another bag. Do YOU like the Betty or the Molly? I would exhange for what I like best. The "It" factor doesn't influence my decision (well, maybe a little,:P but I do like to stick to classic styles) I saw in the most recent issue of Marie Claire that the Betty was one of the 10 best "It" bags of the moment...:amuse:
I've had the Betty (in the tan hobo) and it didn't suit me (could have been the color ... as I think the 2 handle Betty satchel in all chocolate or black is very pretty). I have the Edith and I love it (I picture it with my jeans & ballet flats or flip flops). I think it depends alot on your style too. I don't know what the Molly looks like. I think SoCal has that style so maybe she can help with her opinion.
If you like the clean lines of the Edith--my vote is the Molly. The Molly is the only Chloe that I'd really consider getting. I think it has the best potential for long-term use. And it's not as "trendy" as the other bags, but that's just my two cents. I think the Molly is very attractive!
I think I've gone Chloe crazy now (thank you, whiskey paddington) - and now I can't decide which styles suit me best, as there are so many choices. I toyed with getting a silverado for a while - thought it was too 'western' for me - but flip flop every day over whether I should have gotten one.

I'll probably give Edith a few days - play dress up and pretend I'm an Ivy League professor or something - and check out the other styles on the sly, when Edith isn't looking.
i think the Molly is a very practical bag for daily use, but i have an Edith so I'm partial to it. imo, both bags are pretty classic and clean in style and not so trendy (as in say, the Paddington).

i don't like the Betty too much. when i tried it on it was very bulky and just not what i'm used to for everyday use. the pockets are convenient but also adds to the bulkiness of it. my SA suggested that i could use it as a carry on for when i travel - that actually wasn't a bad idea.
I saw a choco Molly Speedy Tote IRL and thought it was really cute. I definitely preferred over the Betty variations, but that's me, too... and I don't think I could have spent that much on an open-top bag.

Chloe crazy, YES!!!
I really like Molly. I am not crazy about Edith...I agree, she is not an LA bag at all... I liked the medium Betty at first (agree the large is a bit duffle-like), but experienced color transfer between my denim and the chocolate brown Betty leather...ugh! I have used my Molly several times...no problems!...and a classy, longer term bag I think...
i saw the edith IRL the other day and i am more convinced than ever it looks like a briefcase....now, i know i'm alone here, but i am loving my betty hobo.....it's not for everything, but it is a great everyday bag. and i saw someone crossing park ave yesterday carrying one and thought -- that looks cute..mine must look that cute too....
I was at Ron Herman Beverly Hills on Sunday and they had the Bettys (small version I dn't know what style that is but it was not the hobo and the big one) and I loved it! if you are in LA it is worth the trip there, they had a light green one (that surprising looked great on- and looks great with denim) and a chocolate brown one that was so pretty (chloe chocolate is beautiful). It is a fun everyday bag that looks much better IRL!!
Nope, haven't decided on one yet. :weird:

I'm giving my Edith a couple of days to hang out - maybe she'll grow on me.

I must say, no matter what bags Chloe comes out with now, nothing will strike the way the original paddington satchel had. Not even the new paddy riffs.