Edith Messenger... Orange?

  1. Hi all!
    This is my first time here at the Chloè forum :smile: Greetings to everyone :tup:
    I am looking for my first Edith Messenger in a stunning colour but i'm just confused...:confused1:

    What do you think about Chloè Edith in Orange colour? If you've seen one, please let me know. Would love to get your opinions!:yes:

    And if anyone owns the Edith in Orange, could you please post up a pic?

    Many thanks in advance and thanks to everyone for taking the time to look.

    Have a good day!!:flowers:
  2. Hello Airis. I'm not sure but I don't think Ediths ever came out in orange. Maybe what you saw was a whicky bag? They sometimes look orange-y in photos.
  3. Hi, I have this bag!!!!

    It is a burnt orange colour, yes it is often referred to as whisky.

    I love it and it goes with everything!

    You should get one iof you get the chance...
  4. Thank you so much for the help!! :smile:

    So I am shopping for my first Edith.:yahoo:

    Net-a-porter had a 'brown' Edith tote with shoulder strap (not sure what color brown as it doesn't say :confused1:…)


    Can someone tell me if this “brown” is in fact the Whiskey or Ecuriel? What does everybody think? would love to get your opinions! :smile:

    Many thanks in advance! :flowers:
  5. Here is a pic of the "brown" Edith with shoulder strap from Net-a-porter Europe.


    Just got this one in "brown" for 30% off sale! :tup:

    Now I really hope that the "brown" is the Whiskey/Ecureil color!
    I am really happy! :yahoo:
  6. Here's a pic of my whiskey Edith messenger. I can take more photos if you like, I actually took this one to show the size comparison between the Edith and the Alexander McQueen mini Novak (which is brown). It looks more orange with a brighter flash, but it's not a true, bright orange. I love it, though, and I find it to be really versatile!

  7. what a lovely bag!!! :love: She is absolutely gorgeous!
    lolo6, thank you so much for your feedback! :smile:
  8. Orange is a great color - it looks really good with denim. I love wearing my orange bags with denim and my blue bags with an orange top.
  9. oops - double post.
  10. No problem, I really hope you enjoy your bag as much as I've enjoyed mine! I think it's such a great shape and it works in any color. Let us know when it arrives!