Edith Messenger FINALLY arrived but I want to send her back!

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  1. After more than 2 and a half weeks of waiting I FINALLY got my Whiskey Edith Messenger from NAP!

    Long, long story but I have lots of "issues" with DHL as they don't deliver in my state, and the third-party couriers they use are very dodgy. The local couriers had it for 13 days before delivering to my Post Office. :cursing:

    Anyway, she's finally here.....and I'm not in love! :crybaby: As soon as I opened the package I didn't get that instant "fall-in-lust" feeling as I did with my muscade Paddy and Bay messenger. :rolleyes:

    I love the colour - Whiskey/Ecuriel but I think it's the only thing I really like about it. I find the leather to be quite hard and stiff compared to my other Chloe's. It's pebbly and wrinkly, but not soft at all. When worn as a messnger bag, I find the shape quite boxy on my hip. I have a Bay messsenger and it's so soft that it hugs my hip beautifully.

    So.....now the problem is actually returning it to NAP. I rang DHL just before and seeing as they don't operate in my state I have to actually get it to the depot of the third party courier company - which would be a 210 kilometre round-trip for me! I won't be going anywhere near that area until the 13th of August. :sad:

    Arrrgghhh...what should I do? :confused1:
  2. Ugh you poor thing. Nothing is worse than getting your hopes up. I would say ask NAP what they suggest. I'm really not familiar with their procedures or if they can give you an extension to return it.

    Will you post pics?
  3. Nelstar...

    I'm so sorry to hear of your situation...DHL is a LESS THAN STELLAR shipping company...can't believe they are even affiliated with FedEx, a reliable shipping co. DHL took over 15 days to send my last Chloe handbag I purchased from NAP!! And they were only shipping from NY to Virginia!!! Claim they lost it & finally found it & promised I would have it on a Friday.

    When Friday rolled around & I called at the end of the day to inquire about it, they said it would definitely be delivered in the morning...just didn't quite make it! So guess? NO bag on Sat so we called around noon & were told by DHL they had it sitting there & must have forgotten to put it on a truck for Saturday delivery since regular DHL shipping does not include Sat delivery & NAP only paid for regular delivery , not extra for a Sat delivery!!!! WHAT??? My hubby asked where to pick it up & what time they closed....their hub turned out to be less than 3 miles from my house :smile:

    My hubby was kinda ticked about their pathetic shipping so he sent NAP an email asking for the shipping to be refunded...he said it was the principle of the thing...he didn't even mind the cost of the bag! NAP replied they were so sorry & said I had a credit with them for the amount of the shipping..like I have so much incentive to use them again :smile:

    Ready for the kicker? A nice lady with DHL was on the phone with hubby around day 10 of the missing bag fiasco & while tracking it, mentioned(without even being asked) that it appeared NAP did not insure the bag..I'm sorry... WTF!!! So, when he left to pick my baby up, I reminded him to check with the DHL person to see if NAP had shipped it with insurance, thinking that sweet lady must have been mistaken! She wasn't..NO INSURANCE!!

    I decided the bag was too big for what I wanted(Front Pocket Paddy) & am now on the pre-order list at Saks for a red PADDY when they come out in November!!!

    I love Saks, Neiman's, BG, but would rather die than give business to NAP or DHL again! Mistakes happen ...it's how you treat the people that counts. NAP needs to hire some workers with more tact & class & DHL is a joke!!!

    Thanks for letting me vent....sorry so long!!!
  4. How frustrating for you too lulagirl. :cursing: I also noticed that NAP doesn't insure their packages.

    I've had three packages sent through DHL now, all taking between 2 and 3 weeks to get to me from either the UK or US. After the first debacle, I contacted DHL and asked them to ship my future orders via "Australian Air Express" from Melbourne, as other worldwide courier companies use them for regional Australia, and I get packages within 24 hours of leaving either Sydney or Melbourne. But NO. :cursing: They "forgot" and sent them to the company that takes 12 days to deliver a parcel just 100 kilometres away!

    I just got a Chloe Ava bag today, sent via Fedex from Nordies and it only took 6 days. :tup: The leather on the Ava is absolutely gorgeous - so soft and smooshy! I love it! :okay:
  5. this is what international buyers like us have to endure... unfortunately. Shipping charges are high and if you decide to return or sell the bag, you've already spent so much on shipping and taxes!

    And when I'm really bent on returning something, I have to call Customer Service (which is NOT toll free outside the US) and ask for a consideration since item will be returned from overseas. Really a big hassle, but I still shop a lot! go figure :s
  6. by the way, back to topic... are you keeping your Edith? mine's still in transit somewhere from NAP. I hope I get it soooon!
  7. Can you post pics? I love the Edith range, and a messenger sounds awesome!

    Maybe sleep on it a couple of days before deciding whether to post it back. I live in the outback, and know what you mean about crappy couriers out here!
  8. ahh Nelstar, thats too bad. I feel like that about the Edith too, the colours they choose are so lovely, but just my opinion, the bag doesnt ever match up to it, with the feel, leather and fit. I would email customer services and explain your dilemma and find out if NAP can get an interim courier to arrange pick up from your house to take it back to the main depot? On the plus side, you are within returns policy, as obviously it is from the time that you signed for it, so thats ok, its just a shame that after all your waiting, its not the bag for you :sad:

    let us know what you are going to do :smile:
  9. I'm definitely going to return the Edith, it's just not right for me, especially after receiving the Ava yesterday (which I'm totally in love with! :drool:)

    NAP has given me an RMA number for the return, and they don't seem to have any problem about me not being able to send until the 13th.

    I'd love to take pics, but I've been having camera trouble for a while now. :cursing: We keep buying new batteries, recharging, etc, and it only takes about 2 photos before it dies. We had a party for my eldest daughter's 5th birthday last weekend and only managed to get 2 photos. :sad: And I'm dying to take pics to show off my Chloe collection. :graucho:
  10. So is it a different shape to the usual Edith totes? I saw one on NAP that was the tote but just had a long shoulder strap added, is this what yours is like?
  11. Yes, it's that one. Classic Edith shape with added messenger strap. It just seemed very square and boxy to me, and the leather wasn't as soft as my other Chloes.
  12. Ahh. It didn't look quite right on the elux pics, either. What a shame, I'd love it if they actually made a proper messenger Edith. Perhaps shaped like the loaf one or something.. :wondering

    You're right to be sending it back though if you're not feeling the love. For all that money, you'd wanna be head over heels for it!
  13. Exactly. Even though I'll lose the shipping, and taxes/duty paid, I should still get AU$1000 or more back. That's too much to sit wasting away in my wardrobe. :crybaby:
  14. What a fiasco! I had a terrible experience with DHL once. I had to get my Apple laptop fixed and that's the company they used to use. It took them 5 days AFTER they said they were going to pick it to come get it. Then it sat at the shipping hub for a week on it's way back. Since then I've always requested to pay extra to avoid having anything shipped DHL.
  15. I had a bit of a play / pose / modelling session this morning with my new bags, and I'm not feeling anything for poor Edith. :sad: My new Ava on the other hand, I'm totally in love with! :girlsigh: Funny how two bags arriving at the same time can give me completely different feelings. :supacool: