EDITH - MEDIUM VS LARGE - how much larger is large?

  1. hi there.

    i am new to post-StellaMcCartney chloe and am currently looking to get an edith. i saw one on a friend of mine, and hers looked bigger than most of the pics of the edith i saw in this sub-forum. in fact, i don't think i have seen the large edith here. perhaps i am wrong?

    do you know how much bigger is the large edith compared to the medium edith? do you have pics of your large ones carried? i am trying to compare them and decide on which to get. i think i am close to getting a medium one but want to be sure. i have the seller waiting for me to get back to her now, and i hope i can hear back from some of you before i decide.

    thanks so much!
  2. the large chloe satchel is a lot bigger than the medium satchel. i do not know the exact measurements though :sad: sorry!
  3. thanks BLMT! at least now i know that there are two sizes. because some are selling for $500 and some for $800 and i was wondering if they are of the same size, and now i know they are! still wondering by how much bigger the large edith is though....
  4. I recently purchased a large Edith and let me tell you, it is HUGE! :nuts: The width is approx 20 inches, the height approx 14 inches. I love the size of it as I can throw everything in it. The best thing about it is I can wear it over my shoulder unlike the standard sized Ediths. :tup::heart:
  5. Just got my first Chloe Edith :yahoo: and it's the large,very huge and spacious and like little birdy said, can carry it over my shoulders.....
  6. I keep seeing that the regular size Ediths are at NMLC now for a good price. Does anyone know how long they will be at these prices (around $500)??? I just bought the Molly, but now I'm wanting an Edith too. Ugh, I hate finding these bags that I want and not having the money. I guess I can whip out the ole' credit card again!!
  7. I am guessing they will be around as long as they are not sold out? :confused1:
    Trying calling around tomorrow to see if you can find one - they ship :tup:
  8. Hi bagpunk!

    The large edith is much more spacious then the traditional satchel which Chloe considers a medium satchel :smile: I love both sizes but have noticed when carrying the larger one if it's not pretty full it will just sort of fall down from the weight & height of the bag!!!

    This is only a problem of course if it's on a flat surface such as a counter top or the ground...not when being carried if that makes sense!!!
  9. hey lulagirl, yes i know what you mean, because i fell in love with my colleague's large edith and it does fall into itself when not carried but somehoe the whole thing works! a bit like balenciaga motorcyle bags i suppose, where they are designed rectangular but somehow good when looking floopy and squishy.

    kellykapoor, do you know if they ship internationally? i am not in the US!

    lovecue2bags, where did you get your LARGE edith? i can't seem to find them anywhere!

    little birdy, i love large bags too! how do you compare the edith with the large bowler version? which do you like better?
  10. i think the ediths at the last call stores are selling out gradually, as many girls are calling in and the more popular colors are harder to find. i have not seen the large at sale prices, but i have seen pics and it's HUGE!

  11. Yay, I found a Whiskey one at the NMLC in Houston TX and best of all it was only $509 including shipping!! The Great Lakes Crossing store has a Green and a Red Edith, but they were more. Their phone # is: (248)745-6868. Most stores had the brown colored one. I have a Whiskey Betty and a Chocolate Molly and wanted a different color, but not for an extra $200. Hope someone snatches these up!
  12. what size did you get?
  13. If you are referring to me, I really don't know. I assume it's the medium size, since it was only $510. I guess I'll find out when it gets here.:smile:
  14. i found out! large ones are about 20 X 15 inches, and the medium ones (most pics here) are about 10 X 15 inches.

    if anyone know where to get a large whiskey can you PM me? thanks!

  15. I got it @ the Last Call Store in NJ for $747!! As soon as I saw it, I fell in love although it's huge! Chocolate brown.....:yahoo:still can't believe I have my first Chloe bag and an Edith...:jammin: