Edith makes me go Hmmm...

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  1. I thought I'd issue my report on whiskey Edith who arrived today like she did for many others after much anticipation - even stayed home to meet the fedex driver (cough, cough). Some of this is on tFS so pardon the repeat...

    Edith arrives and I freak and can't open the box for like 30 minutes, but then she comes out and I pretty quickly start scratching my head over her. Very pretty but.... a lot stiffer than I expected? Hmmm. And the zipper stops - thought they were a little flimsy and worry they won't hold up under use? Is this like what I hear the paddy zippers were like the first season? :unsure:

    Well I had to show up at work at some point, so Edith and I were separated a few hours. Then when I get home I immediately open the boxes and bag to take another gander at Edith. But no overwhelming maternal feelings, again.

    Unload paddy and put belongings in Edith. Set on table. And she just stands there - kind of like a 2-year old standing, but still standing, ya know - and I'm thinking how weird is that because I'm accustomed to Chloes (paddys) plopping! :P

    Take a look in the mirror - really pretty but even though Edith is a 'casual' briefcase, I think it's still too brief-casey for my uber-casual town and lifestyle. Not sure I would ever feel at ease carrying it.

    Then the cell phone rings. I had put cell in front pocket and buckled because the only person who calls is my mother and I don't mind missing her calls [​IMG] And whaddya know, by the time I get into the pocket and retrieve my phone it had gone to message and yes, it was my mother. So Edith passed that test [​IMG]

    In the long run Edith isn't for me, and I was so excited to be excited again like I was when I opened my first paddy... maybe that means I just need another one of those :P And I think it's great that the people who love their Edith's will be more unique on the streets!
  2. Sorry you dont love! I hated the whiskey...perhaps a dose of the Chamois might cure you???!!!
    I used mine today...really love the Chamois...
  3. Blu -- you are just so funny! I loved your post -- esp re: mom -- I can totally relate! I am just cracking up over here.

    Send that puppy back -- it wasn't meant to be. I know what you mean about wanting to get that excitement over a bag back. Hang in there you will find one!
  4. I feel the same way about the Edith. I just fell in love with the pictures of the Whiskey Edith and was so excited to be on the waitlist. Then I got a call Monday night (FINALLY) that it was on its way. I was so excited that I just couldn't wait to see it IRL, so I begged one of my coworkers to bring hers in - she just got it this week too. We were both really disappointed.

    Love the idea of it, even love the look of it. But, really did not like the FEEL of it. THe leather was stiff, the handle was way too short- I don't care what anyone says, its a hand held bag- and the buckles were too hard to work. Ok, so I may be a tad retarded, but seriously, it was just to rugged for me.

    For all those edith lovers out there, enjoy and know that you will look great! Its just not for me. but maybe a paddy would be more my style,,,, :idea:oh yeah, must not buy anymore bags for awhile.:cry: I hate restraint!
  5. ^^This part of your story just cracked me up!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Yeah, I often find I'm like that; just the experience of oogling and holding the bag is enough for me, by the time I actually buy the bag I may not like it anymore. -_-
  7. Jag - sorry you didn't have a better experience either :sad2:

    mammab - yeah, love the mother but sometimes it's just too much! :lol:

    I know others were complaining about the front pocket being buckled too...and the zipper thing is odd, and the short handles and stiffer leather... I wonder if the second season of Edith - if she makes it - will be much improved?:unsure:
  8. Do we know yet if she'll be back in 2007? Or is she a 2006 ltd. only?
  9. Edith tips:

    1. The stiff leather. Beat up your bag! Scrunch it down, mess around with it...I really think these will soften up a LOT over time and get pleasantly soft and smooshy.

    2. The buckles. Here is what I have done with mine (tentatively...not sure if I will have to send it back due to the "black spot"...reminds me of Treasure Island, but that is (literally) another story)...don't run through the buckles...go OVER the buckles and just insert the tabs through the keeper loops. This preserves the looks of the pocket and still allows you to get into the pocket quickly.

    Just suggestions...
  10. Very good suggestions! :nuts:

    Hmmm, wonder if I could be swayed??? :amuse:

    But ET I think you definitely need a new one without a spot - get credit for the 2007 model? :love: ifn's there is one
  11. Fabulous, honest post blugenie! It sounds like you really know how to bond with a bag when it is the right bag for you so go with your gut and send Edith packing.
  12. I don't know...I think I will have moved on by the 2007 model. And I will be...er...miffed if they tie up my money for that long! In the circumstances, they should either discount the bag, find me a new one right away (and pay for shipping), or just give me my money back. But I had class today so I did not get to talk to them yet.
  13. Well now I've had some wine, and I slipped the pocket straps through the keeper loops like ETenebris suggests, and I'm on the cell w/earbud with my mom :wacko: as I type <guilt> and Edith is still standing there. On the table. I'm watching her... and she's watching me! I think she's wondering if I really know what I'm going to do....and daring me to do it.

    (shhhh - bring back whiskey paddy, bring back whiskey paddy!)
  14. Blugenie, where did you get your Edith? Can you exchange for another style or color?
  15. ^^I got Edith from NM online - by fluke when some preorders came open right before they shipped, so return isn't a big issue. But I had just returned whiskey paddy two weeks ago to BG (still waiting for credit, mind you!) because I wasn't certain whiskey fit in my wardrobe and I was keeping a tan paddy that did... but since Edith was a different shape I thought I could justify her.
    Sometimes I think I should buy another whiskey from a PF member but there was something really special about getting the brand new one that was supposedly meant just for me...