Edith lovers pretty please.. is there a difference between mastic and putty??

  1. hello dear all :heart:
    does any one know if there is a difference between mastic colored edith and putty one?
    this is putty:

    and lovely pf member has mastic here:
    thank you very much in advance!!:love:
    ((((((mind you all i have a Muscade Edith with shoulder strap on its way!!)))) looool the addiction is sooooooooooo bad!! worse than ever!! :sweatdrop:
  2. NM are such squirrels! They often use their own words to describe the hue of the purse, Putty=Mastic. For the general public this is fine, but for us Chloe snobs who routinely learn the colors' names and jondras (sp) it can be off putting.

  3. So you're saying Vanilla isn't the only thing you're addicted too!!;)

  4. Suze - what the heck is a "jondra"? I can't even figure it out phonetically???:s
  5. :sos:LOL I'm such a nerd. Is it jaundra? You're the French expert help me out! I tried googling the above but it did not recognise the name, but Google did recognise jondra??? HELP!!!!!!!!
  6. hello sweetie.. many thanks for responding :biggrin: hmmmm thats what i thought so.. but what confused me is an edith i was eyeing on eBay and i asked the seller whats written on the tag she said: "putty". and i know for sure that also chloe edith comes in a color where the tag says: "mastic". could they be different? :confused1:
  7. ^^ They are two different colors. Putty is a lighter shade than Mastic.
    Mastic is almost cream colored and has a bit of a beige undertone where as putty looks more of a off white with a greyish undertone.
  8. Yes if Putty is on the tag then absolutely it's a different color than Mastic. I thought your ony source was the web description and they've been off at times. Sorry!!
  9. ali w :flowers: thank u very much indeed for the info!! this makes sence :yes: many thanks again :heart:

    oh dear susieserb my mistake!! :shame: i apologize i should've mentioned that info earlier silly me! its just that the colors are close and i never heard about putty thats why i got confused too and thought it might be same as mastic :flowers:
  10. Actually I bought a putty one from Neiman several months ago. The putty does not look as light(and bright) as the photo shows on Neiman. I think the color is very close to mastic.