Edith Lovers**New Sale Arrivals **Pics**

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  1. Here are Conteen & Medium Satchel. Both are supposed to be Chocolate, however the Conteen says Brun on the tag and looks to be a bit darker than the Satchel.

    Sale Arrivals0001.jpg Sale Arrivals0002.jpg Sale Arrivals0003.jpg
  2. I will not be keeping the Conteen which I got on Sale from BG for $660 so if any of you girls want it, keep your eyes peeled online!
  3. More Pics...
    Sale Arrivals0005.jpg Sale Arrivals0008.jpg Sale Arrivals0009.jpg Sale Arrivals0011.jpg
  4. I love all the colors especially the paddington!
  5. Gorgeous bags!!!! The paddy is TDF!!!
  6. Thank You!!!
  7. Love them! nice acquisitions!
    Will we get to see any modelling pics? I would LOVE to see how the conteen looks on! =)
  8. Gingerfarm, the conteen is going back so no modeling that one. I will try and model some of the other ones when I get a chance...
  9. Great Bags! Your satchel looks like Whiskey.....Beautiful! The conteen I have heard is difficult to get into! Love the Paddy, what color is she?
  10. The conteen will be going back because for me, it's just hard to get into and doesn't fit my lifestyle. The Paddy is Argent (like a Taupe Metallic). I have received many compliments on it...
  11. congrats!
  12. Oh I love the Paddy!!! What a lovely color-- I'm soo jealous- enjoy!!!!
  13. Great buys - you lucky gal! I love that argent paddy!!!