"Edith" - kind of like a Hermes?

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  1. I've read that the Edith was inspired by the Hermes "kelly" - just wondering what other's thought? At first I didn't see the connection - but now when I look at it I kind of see what they mean. It's a simple bag with clean lines - in an ageless shape.

    What does Edith remind you of?

    quote "The latest bag from uber designer Phoebe Philo for the House of Chloe is sure to set off another round of fashionista frenzy. Making it's debut yesterday at the Paris Chloe spring/summer show, Chloe's homage to the classic kelly bag has all the style and hipness of the Paddington without the extra poundage. We love the handstitched detailing on this urban yet ladylike bag. The roomy outer pocket is perfectly sized for stashing your iPod or Treo. The Whiskey or Gray leather is the BOMB!"
  2. I can see some Hermes Kelly or Birkin in the Edith...on a much more casual level. I love bags with a pocket on the outside for my cell phone...that's what I need to get to in a hurry. Usually so I can ignore whoever is calling!
  3. ^^Ha ha that's what I pictured using the outside pocket for too!!
  4. You may miss your call as you try to unbuckle the pocket...make sure you have it programmed to ring a number of times before going to voice mail... :amuse:
  5. I just realized last night that you DO have to unbuckle the Edith pocket. On the "pocket" bags there is a buckle but it actually fastens with a magnetic closure. Maybe I will leave the buckles undone.:blink:
  6. ^^ a girl on TFS says that the bag doesn't look good with the buckles undone.
  7. Does the front pocket have magnetic snaps too (in addition to the buckles)?
  8. Nope, buckles only...
  9. No,that's the problem. You actually have to undo the buckles,they are real :Push: .
  10. Update - i've seen photo's of the "snaps" - so it does snap shut too - maybe it just doesn't look as neat like that though?
  11. Are you sure it was an Edith? Because the ladies who have handled one saw no snaps,just a functional buckle.
  12. Call me crazy - but this looks like a snap to me?


    It's from the thread "my chocolate edith just arrived" in this forum.
  13. I see what you mean:smile:.

    However it's not really a "functional" snap,in that you still have to have to have the buckles undone in order to open the bag (rather than,say Mulberry Roxanne,where the snaps are under the buckles and you can just whip it open or even leave the bucles just hanging down loose.)

    So the snap doesn't solve the easy access problem,especially since the bag looks less attractive with the buckles undone.

    That's what they mean...you really have to undo those buckles in order to get into the bag,and it's a schlepp.
  14. I think we were just trying to figure out if it even had a snap - not whether it was attractive or not. That's another matter.

    Although the bag does not look it's best when the buckles are undone - i'm glad to know that at least it has a snap on the pocket.