Edith - kind of like a conserv. B-bag City?


Mar 17, 2006
Just wondering if anyone else thinks there's a connection between these two. Obviously they're totally different in style - edith has no tassles or grommits - but the essential shape is similar. Plus I think the size is similar too, right? I thought edith was between the city and the work?


Nov 25, 2005
I agree with what you're saying! I'm really torn between getting a B-Bag or the Edith. I pre-ordered the Edith just to ensure I have one before I make any decision. I don't own any B-Bags and have only seen 1 IRL that I totally drooled over.


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
beauxgoris said:
They have the same rectangle shape - to be worn on the crook of your arm -

They're like twins: Edith is the bookish good girl - and the Balenciaga City is the sexy other sister! ha ha

Ooh, I like that description! I am so glad for these various threads. I totally didn't even notice that I had to call back about my edith until one of them. All the other ones just said that they will deliver. I just can't wait to get them in. I have 3 colors pre-ordered: grey, whiskey and chamois.

I just love the B-bags, You can't go wrong with them, USC-girl!


Feb 13, 2006
That's exactly what I thought the first time I saw the Chloe ad. I love the Balenciaga (City and Work) but haven't gotten around to getting one. Came close to getting a black Work last December but had just gotten a Paddy then so Balenciaga had to wait. Then I saw the Chloe ad and again now Balenciaga has to wait again. I don't have the Edith yet but hopefully will have it soon. Maybe I will finally get a City or a Work before the end of the year. But I also like the Muse, Stam and pocket Paddy...