Edith is home!!!!

  1. Hi! Edith is finally home :yahoo: , oh and yes, DH is finally home too, from a business trip :P. What do you think of her ladies? I took pics in different lighting, the one where she is being held up by DH to the window is without flash, and I think the best one.

    She just has a couple of slightly scratched portions, indentations actually (last 2 pics), where I think the handles pressed into the bag cause she was stuffed in his suitcase. Do you think I should massage it with some applecare conditioner?
    IMG_0025.jpg IMG_0028.jpg IMG_0029.jpg IMG_0034.jpg IMG_0035.jpg
  2. congrats!!! she's gorgeous!!
  3. Congrats.;)
  4. gorgeous!!!! :yahoo:
  5. So pretty. Love the scrumples! I am not sure what you should do about the little dent. My Edith gets little scrapes now and then but I just rub them out. I haven 't used any conditioner on mine yet because someone on this board reported that their bag became discolored after applying it.
  6. yahoo!! glad to finally meet her! Beautiful bag!! You have a great DH!:graucho:
  7. ^^^ Yup I know.

    Thanks, everyone! Moonindigo, I rubbed a tiny, tiny dab of conditioner on the dents and they look a lot better. And no discoloration!
  8. VERY nice! Your baby is adorable, btw.
  9. Gorgeous- fabulous colour:love:
  10. hehehe...I love the story about your hubby carrying the bag home to you. Congrats! The indents, I wouldn't worry about them much. Eventually the bag will get those indents from being carried.
  11. Your Edith is B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!! What a sweet hubby you have for bringing her home to you AND even hold her up for her first picture taking! Congratulations! :smile:
  12. Congrats!!!! What a pretty Edith!!! How exciting and your hubby is fabulous for bringing her home to you!!! So excited!!
  13. :tender:I love her and am actually excited to go to work tom just so that she can get out! Thanks again everyone!
  14. Pretty bag! I love Ediths!
  15. Lovely color.:love: