Mar 17, 2006
She finnaallllyyy arrives today. I have to say - i'm in the minority, but i'm in love!:love: Edith just looks "right" on me - I don't know what that says about me :amuse: but it just works with my clothing and style.

I was very ready to send her back due to her lukewarm reception here and on TFS - but I really really love her.

Mine was pretty wrinkly - which I like - and pretty distressed. She looks a lot like the photo in the runway ad - she almost looks "vintage".

Can't wait to take her out tomorrow for a spin!!:nuts:

edit: also she MUCH larger than I thought she'd be - I can't imagine purchasing the large size - the medium is pretty huge!
Did you get Whiskey or Chocolate? Congrats!! Pics, pics, especially of the two of you together. Mine arrives on Friday or Saturday and I'm so hoping it is distressed and vintage like yours. I'm excited for you! That's the way it should be - box = birth = instant love bond, like a mother and child. :biggrin:
Nevermind what we think, as long as you love it! I'm not a big fan of the Edith, but I can at the same time understand why you love her....I recently saw the whole Chloe line and fell in love with the leather, just haven't found the right style for ME! Congrats on your gorgeous leather Chloe!

I've been thinking about you! Glad to hear you and the new baby are a happy new couple! was it the whisky that arrived? post a pic!

personally, i'm kind of glad that edith isn't for everyone. It will be nice not to see her coming and going down every street. yay for the edith girls!
I'll try and post photo's as soon as DH retires to bed (yes - i'm another one with a PHH!) - although he knows I ordered a purse for myself from NM last week. Our anniversary is next week and we're going to Hermes to buy me a scarf or two - PERFECT for my Edith, no?

My Edith is in the "whiskey" color. It's the most beautiful rich looking red/brown color. I'm so happy that I was able to get it in the whiskey color. Of course I still have the Chocolate on backorder - I have to think of a way to make myself not keep it! (if it's as dark and rich as the photo in my NM catalogue - i'm in serious trouble!)

I'm just so happy with her. I'm already soooo nervous about water stains though. To waterproof or not to waterproof? I just don't know........
Happy to hear you are happy with your Edith! I bet it will be fun to get the chocolate to compare.

Please do post pics... I love seeing the WOW ediths - I won't bother posting mine cuz it was just 'hmmm, okay...'