Edith in Croc...

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  1. This bag is tdf!!! I think the same one is on sale at LVR....
  2. Its gorgeous and the color is so yummy!!
  3. I'm looking to buy my first Chloe, but I don't think my hubby would stretch to the croc.... but it's GORGEOUS!
  4. mmmmmn, not really my cup of tea, what alot of money for not a proven classic bag.
  5. somebody bought it for $ 4,500...
  6. Holy Cow! That's expensive!!!! I'm still having a hard time justifying paying close to 2 grand on a bag. But it sure doesn't stop me from buying them:P.
  7. $4500 is a great deal considering it's croc!!

    I heard these bags originally sold for around $13,000.
  8. I think it's pretty, but not that (7-G's)pretty.
  9. If I had $4,500 lying around spare, I'd love that croc Edith... it's an exquisite piece. However, when does anyone have that kind of money spare? There's always something else. I wonder what lucky lady will be using it.
  10. I never realized how much I love the Edith. Its truly a goregous bag!!
  11. Hey, I'm a little mortified about it still, but I saw a street vendor selling a fake croc edith on the side of the street in nyc! It was awful. My jaw just dropped. The guy had no shame.

    Be careful girls - the fake ediths are getting good.
  12. I'd buy it from LVR it is around the same price!