EDITH - how hard is it REALLY to find one?

  1. So anyone on this forum has managed to wrangle a Edith - due to our obsessive natures and the fact that we help each other get the purse that we love. But what of the other half. InStyle said that there was a 250 person waiting list for the whiskey edith at Chloe in NYC. Is this really true. Is this bag that in demand?
    For others that have their Edith's already; have you been approached or stopped by strangers that have been trying to land a Edith?

    Just wondering how hard it actually is for the general public (non-purse forum ladies) to get their hands on this bag.
  2. I was like the first person on the waitlist at my NM, and after what felt like forever, I finally got an Edith. But she just wasn't for me. I loved the look of her, but she was just too cumbersome for me. A bit too heavy, and it was super hard to get into the pockets. But I still think she is a beauty! Just not for me.

    I can tell you that even now, after the mixed reviews, Edith is still pretty hard to get. Whiskey seems to be particularly hard to get, but it all comes down to timing. You just never know when you just might get lucky.
  3. I was VERY persistent to get mine. Not sure if I will keep her now, since I am carrying the b-bags more. But she sure is a gorgeous bag!
  4. I think she still might be hard to get.....my SA at Sak's told me they're not getting anymore in.
  5. My NM's has them sitting around and KathyD ordered one no problem then sent it it back.
    Being scarce/ hard to get may be a regional thing?
  6. I think it is definitely a regional thing. Even in Boston it is rare to walk into NM and see a mecca of Chloe bags on the shelves. There were a bunch at Bloomingdales last week, but that was a rare sighting. Saks in Boston doesn't even carry Chloe, and we don't have a Nordstrom in MA just yet - not until 2007. My choco Edith is from NM online, and Chamois from Saks in Chicago.
  7. here they are very hard to get because we just have 5 stores in the entire country and that makes it impossible to pick her up from the sleves. It's just possible if you pre-order like I did for my Edith chocolate which will arrive in June/July and this is for the Fall/Winter season. The good thing is that I'll probably never see somebody else with my bag around.
  8. None of the Neimans, Saks, or Nordstroms in Southern California have them sitting about, and I can't imagine what the waiting list at our Chloe is either... but then again there are tons of people in Cali who want them.

    London seems to be the only place you can see them IRL.
  9. I was just at NM in Orlando today (Mall at Millenia) and they had at least one of everything else (paddy, pocket paddy, betty, gladys, silverado, etc.) but not the Edith. I don't know why. Hmm...
  10. Hi ladies! If you want the Chloe Edith bag ASAP...go to Hong Kong!!!
    I got my Whiskey Edith in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong they have this popular chain of shops that sells all "it bags" from Hermes Birkin to Chloe. The chain of shops are called "Milan Station". They also buy & sell second hand Chloe Edith's & other luxury brands such as Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi & Balenciaga. Brand new bags are of course charged 10% higher than the retail price. Scared their fakes??? The Hong Kong Tourism Board recommend these shops & they are certified authentic sellers of luxury goods.
  11. hi hysteric, i've been to the milan stores in hongkong and its amazing, 2nd hand authentic handabgs for a very reasonable price....you cant get any better that! i havent purchased anything from their stores yet, but im planning to when i go to HK this july, cant wait!
  12. I was in saks several days ago and saw 2 chamois ediths. I haven't seen an whiskey or choco ones though.
  13. Wow - maybe the hype is true for once and they really are that hard to get your hands on!
  14. I don't know about everywhere else, but here in Miami there is one Saks Fifth Avenue and they have 1 chamois and she said that will be probably be gone by the end of the day.

    I called all of the local NM's down here and they are sold out, except for 1 at Merrick Park. They only have the chamois. The SA told me that in total, their store has only received 4 Ediths and have no more shipments coming in.

    This bag is a limited edition, no? I don't think they will keep producing them like the PAddingtons?
  15. Edith in Chamois at NM Atlanta right now!