Edith hobo...Do you love it?

  1. So I decided to finally give my edith hobo a spin today and dare I say..... I don't think..... I love her:wtf:!!!
    She's quite heavy once I fill her with all of my junk and she hangs weird. Not long enough to carry crossbody as a messenger bag but not short enough to be considered a real hobo imo.
    I never thought there would be a day when I would not love one of my chloes but the day has come:push:.
    What are your opinions on the hobo, like it or hate it?
    Although I only used it for about 3hrs. is it wrong for me to return it? Is that considered used?
    TIA for all your imput:heart:.......
  2. Ali, I am shocked that there is a Chloe you don't love!:shocked::shocked::shocked:
    I think trying stuff for a little bit and then returning is what return policies are for (to see whether they fit your needs/expectations or not). Just as long as you don't abuse it....So I say definitley return it if you are not INLOVE!
  3. ^^^^LOL... I'm just as shocked as you:p!!! Have you seen the hobo irl what do you think of it?
    I'm going to try to take pics and post them:sweatdrop:!
  4. I did see it and I didn't like it!
  5. Don't know if you guys remember the two I had (maize and roche)... I ended up returning them both because, well... it just didn't "work." Though your thread is now making me want them back. LOL. Call me weird... I miss my Ediths. lol
  6. Yeah I do remember your two.....but I do much prefer the shape of the regular Edith Satchel!
  7. I returned mine too, the day I received it from NM. The handles are too large, kept sliding from my shoulder. The leather is rather stiff, and it is heavy, even without anything in it.
  8. I got a great deal on it, thats why I hate to return it, but it really isn't practical for me especially while running errands with the kids.
    acshih, you're right it is extremely heavy and the stiff leather hurt my shoulder. My paddy's don't even bother me that much!
    I hate returning bags but maybe I'll feel better when my new zucca spy arrives:whistle:!!!!
  9. I have the Edith Hobo and I love her. I agree that it's hard to carry crossbody, but I'm small so it actually fits snugly and doesn't move when I ride my bike. I'm really surprised that you don't like it!
  10. The Edith Hobo in whiskey is to die for.
  11. I have the edith satchel in whiskey and the tracy too and I must say I love the way Chloe does whiskey. It definately is a beautiful color!
    My hobo is roche, which is a nice color too, but I just find the bag akward.
  12. I returned my edith hobo, too. I liked the color (whiskey) and leather was soft everywhere but around the top of the bag. It was not comfortable for me. I got a great deal on mine also and really wanted to love it. Oh, well...
  13. I have to bump this! I'm thinking of buying one & I wanted to hear thoughts & opinions of current owners! Do you love it?!?! I've never seen it IRL!
    DSC02565.jpg BGV9960_en.jpg
  14. Wow, I'm surprised to hear the 'bad news' about the hobo, I've been wanting one of those if the right price came along (in white), but it sounds a bit awkward. I love the look of that bag, I tried one on at Saks and 'thought' I liked it. Bags do fit different on me since I'm tall, but guess I would need to try it on again to determine if it's for me.

    As for returning it, one of my SA's at a high-end retailer suggests that I take them home and try them. I think carrying more than once or twice would warrant 'no return'. Many of the bags we buy on-line have been used and returned, I bought a Tod's satchel from Saks last year and the corner was a bit worn, otherwise the bag looked brand new, and I got an additional % off.
  15. I'm tall too! So hopefully I'll like the way in hangs. I just bought one online, I hope I love it! :nuts: