Edith for $664

  1. Gone already - what a bargain for someone!:nuts:
  2. I think they like to torture people on there website, that stuff is usually not in stock when they post it.
    One of these days maybe I'll be lucky enough to actual get one of those fast moving Chloe's:smile:
  3. i second that ali w.....wow...my heart started beating so fast when I saw that price! so of course, it's gone already....

    what are the chances that they still have these in the actual stores?
  4. not sure how this is a 'Reference' thread{?}
  5. ahh, now I can edit {not at home} moving this to Chloe. . . it's not a reference thread, please take care of where you choose to post new threads.
  6. This belongs in the Chloe Shopping subforum. Thanks.