Edith finally arrived!


Mar 1, 2006
Choco Edith made her arrival at 10:00 a.m. this morning. I had a dream the Fedex truck arrived early and jolted awake at 9:00! I usually sleep later.

Took photos which wouldn't transfer. Deleted photos, tried again. No luck. Yelled at camera and read manual. Reset some properties. Tried to transfer again. Still no luck. Yelled louder at camera. Yanked out memory card and took more photos on internal memory. Edith was tired by then... it was almost 1:00 p.m.!! Finally got pics to load. Now I'm tired!!

She is just the way I wanted her - very pebbled with wrinkling and distressing. The photos of us together are a better representation than of her alone. Maybe she needed to be held after the long journey and photo shoot.

Edith asked me to take a Paddington grocery shopping. She wanted to stay home and rest.

Meet Edith!


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:nuts: BEAUTIFUL!!!

You're right, she does have the perfect amount of distressing--not too much but enough. She looks great on you and I LOVE the color! I knew it, I AM going to have to have her in three colors!

No, you need to take her out today so you can see what nice company she is. *whispers*... it's so nice to have no, um, "gadgets" to fiddle with when reaching in.

:nuts: :nuts: Congrats roey! I logged on just to find your report!

Edith looks great! I love her balance of wrinkles and pebbles... you must be so proud! Do you feel an instant bond?

Dang, Edith's pictures make me want more too!
Thanks to all! :smile: I really need to see her in Whiskey and made sure I was still on Nordstrom's wait list. Blu - I immediately thought of you upon pulling her out of the dustbag. She really does sit up straight and stare! I mean, talk about a stoic bag. Her presence is enormous compared to a Paddington.

Daisy, a bag I can throw on the shoulder will work better grocery shopping when I need to get it out of the way (picking up cat litter for example - heavy crap like that). But I'll take her on other errands tomorrow.

This is a bag I wouldn't mind having a couple of because it's so me, like the Paddington.

Chocolate really does her justice but Whiskey was always my first choice. I never preordered though, so took Chocolate when it came up on the NM website. Oh, and I used a $125 gift card with free shipping, so Edith didn't cost me retail!
I have the whiskey and love that color but I sure would have been just as pleased (if not more pleased) to get that chocolate as I love dark, rich browns. Both are great colors on the Edith. And yours looks perfect.
(oh and thank you for the comment on the avatar... that is Gunner our 'middle child' when he was a bit younger.. one of my favorite pics of him).
I took whiskey paddy on test-run to grocery store and panicked when faced with placing it in basket that was wet from rain - another nail in whiskey-paddy coffin. While Edith would definitely have to take a ride in the child seat, for some reason I think she could handle the drips better than paddy... although she looks a little formal for grocery shopping.... oh the confusion! (must now think of errands... get out of house...)
blugenie said:
for some reason I think she could handle the drips better than paddy... (must now think of errands... get out of house...)

Eek, not so....... Edith does NOT handle water well. I posted pics of the major water spot I had from a rain drip. Luckily, Dr. Roey was in and I got rid of the spot... just not sure if that method is totally fool-proof (stretching the leather). Still, I shall leave Edith at home on future rainy days.