EDITH fall '06 spring '07 and beyond?

  1. I know that the Edith is scheduled to still be in production as of this fall season - but what about beyone that? Does anyone know how long Chloe plans of featuring the Edith bag - does it matter that the designer is leaving Chloe?
    Just wondering how many years they usually make a bag for...? I know they're really hard to get now. But maybe next year it won't be as hard (a la Balenciaga bags)?
  2. All Chloe has confirmed with me is that there will be fall Edith bags, and chocolate is the primary color. Whiskey will still be available, and the grey (at least for the pre-fall order). Beyond fall, I have not heard.
  3. ^^I guess the shorter the run the more "collectible" she will be, although with so many waiting lists, etc. I doubt Chloe would stop making her when so many people seem to still want one!
  4. Let's keep hoping for the cream Edith in the fall/winter collection!