Edith Fakes on Ebay

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  1. Looks like crap, too.
  2. Oh dear...
  3. Come on! Didn't you hear about the Chloe runway show in Fujian? Maybe Phoebe sold it to him/her behind the scenes, because you know this always happens!:wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

    Seriously, where do these guys get the bags to make fakes from? Do they actually buy the bags? Do they just do it from pictures? I am just a bit amazed at how quickly the fakes get out there and wonder how they go about the turnaround so quickly!
  4. It will be interesting to see how many pop up over the next couple of weeks. I was a little miffed to not receive my invitation to the Fujian runway show.....maybe I'll get invited to the launch of the next IT bag :smile:
  5. That is so sad.
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