"Edith Emergency"

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  1. The stitching on the front pocket of my Edith (whiskey) came off.
    I mean not all the stitching but just one...on the front pocket!!! I dont know why it happen. I always take good care of my bags.

    Did this happen to anyone at all? Anyway, I'm going to Chloe shop tomorrow & have it fixed.

  2. Not off Chloe, but this happened with my first Coach bag years ago, sent it back to the company and they fixed it pronto. I'm sure that this can be fixed. Good Luck!!!:crybaby:
  3. Well I don't have an Edith, but on the back of my Paddy lock, one of the stitches is a little loose...
  4. My first Chamois Edith came to me from Nordstrom with a popped stitch on the front pocket. I was devastated! I don't know how it happened but they were so accommodating... sent DHL to pick it up and credited my card before the bag arrived back at their store.

    Before I returned it, I took it to my local leather shop and they refused to touch it. They said a designer bag that expensive should be sent back to the original manufacturer for repair, so it's a good thing you have a Chloe shop nearby. They will have to send it off for repair which can take several weeks to months, so be prepared to be without Edith for awhile, unless they offer up a brand new bag!

    I honestly feel the stitches are eventually going to go with frequent use, hopefully later than sooner, but I just can't see them holding up well over time.
  5. When I returned my Whiskey Edith I noticed that the stitching near the handle was beginning to fray...and I hadn't carried it more than 10 times, maybe? I just don't think that the stitching on Ediths is that good...the leather is TDF though. Did anyone else notice the glue on their seams were loose? Near the side bottom of the bag...it didn't bother me though, I just pressed it back down. But I thought it was a bit odd at the time...
  6. Thanks ladies for your feedbacks. I'm kinda freakin' out coz for a bag such as Chloe I feel a little bit disappointed. I'm on my way to Chloe today. I sure am going to miss my Edith...really!

  7. ^^Please update us and let us know what happened. If I use my Edith as much as I plan to in the next 10 years, I can see this happening to me too and I would love to know how it was dealt with.
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