Edith double pocket messenger at Nordstrom Brea 60% off

  1. Edith double pocket messenger in Ecuril $739 at Nordstrom Brea. On hold till end of today under Angela, Call Gail at 714.529.0123.

    Another bag that I don't have on hold is the Edith hobo in gold/bronze, $549. Leather not as soft as the messenger, but not as stiff as prior gold ediths that I have seen. As far as I can see, both bags appeared brand new.

    Go get them ladies. Good Luck!
  2. So nice of you to post this! Go get it someone! I am on a purse ban...:crybaby:
  3. I got it and when she rang it up, it was $599. :yahoo: At first, I was like no, because I thought it was the double pocket with the handles that stick straight (I think they call it a double pocket medium edith). But, then I remember it was the one with the longer strap, that I had wanted a while ago. Thank you for posting, acshih!
  4. You beat me to it! Congrats. If anyone comes across another messenger please pm me.

    acshih: Thanks for the pm but didn't see it until just now.
  5. anyone have picture of this bag? i'm not familiar with double pocket messenger bag. Is it same as regular messenger bag?
  6. Congrats! Post pics when you get her!!:heart:
  7. No. It does have two pockets at front. The handles are a bit longer, I was able to wear it as a shoulder bag without the shoulder strap. The should strap is a bit longer too. I tried to find pics on eBay but cannot find any similar ones...maybe there is one in the ref lib??
  8. Will do. :heart::heart:
  9. thanks, acshih for the description.
  10. congrats, that is a great bag at an incredible price.
  11. Just wondering if you got the bag and what it actually looks like. Can you please post pics??
  12. I haven't received it yet. I purchased it on 10/4 but they didn't ship until 10/9. I should pick it up tomorrow evening. I'll post pictures when it gets here!
  13. Here she is - Ms. Whiskey and she is beautiful. Much better than this picture shows! DH had to take the picture with his cell, so the quality is not that great. The leather is great and there are no flaws. The best part is the little pocket on the strap! Thanks again, acshih. Chinkyi23, if I hear about another one, I will PM you!
  14. That is one gorgeous bag! I've not seen one like it before.

    Congratulations and thanks for posting a pic for us to :drool: over!

  15. Great bag! I've never seen the messenger in this style before.
    Thanks. Hopefully i'll find a messenger soon.