Edith - differences in stitching?

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  1. I have recently bought a large mid-brown Edith (the one you can have on the shoulder). The seller guaranteed the authenticity, but when I compare with other Ediths in the same size (have found only two others), it seems that all three of them have some differences in the stitching.
    Eg., on mine, the stitching on the both sides (from the bottom and up to the zipper) doesen't stop by the horizontal bold white stith, but has one extra on top.
    At another one, also guaranteed authentic, the stitching on the zipper puller is made with small stitches instead of large (mine has large).

    All this differences makes me a bit confucious, is this usual on the Edith bags?

    Thank you very much in advance! :smile:
  2. You know I don't have any ediths but I had similar concerns with my paraty bags. One had a longer strap, the screws used were different and the stitching was different, but both authentic. I posted these concerns on the authenticate thread and was told that depending on where the bag was made they may use different materials and do things slightly different. I also examined other tpfer's photos and paraty's at Saks and i see those inconsistencies as well so that put my mind at ease. So hopefully this helps. Maybe you should also post some pics on the authenticate thread about your concerns.
  3. Thank you very much, this was a great help :smile:
  4. My pleasure.