Edith...couldn't stop at just one!

  1. So...After trying out several Paddy styles last fall and deciding they didn't work for me, I've been off Chloe for a while. But last month, Edith somehow caught my eye, and I was suddenly, hopelessly smitten with her retro look. I found two that I couldn't decide between, so at DH's suggestion (gotta love that man :love:), I got both of them. I've been carrying nothing but the red Edith for the past few weeks, and I'm nowhere near ready to switch to anything else. She's the perfect size and shape to take to work, a great every day bag, and the color is so juicy and festive! Not too orangey, not too blue, just a sweet, true red. After the holidays, I will probably switch over to the Ivory one -- I think she will really rock the winter-white vibe. But for now, it's the red Edith all the way! :heart: Isn't she a beauty?


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. You and I are on the same page. I shunned Edith, ridiculed her really. I said she was the ugly step child of Chloe (I really did). When I saw her IRL at an upscale dept store. I hardly gave her a second glance. I would read about the devotees on this blog and I would think, 'whatever?'

    Then snap? Two months ago when NMLC was having their Chloe sale and Kelly_Kapor was talking about Edith's low prices something in me thought, hummm maybe I'll get one but in a color like red.

    When the opportunity presented it's self I jumped. OmGosh no regrets. This purse is so quirky cool and classic, plus I Love, LOVE, Love this Chloe style in fun vibrant colors. I totally get your post!!
  3. I second what Susie has said. I LOVE my jade Edith with a passion and I am wondering why it didn't hit me sooner?
  4. This is exactly what happened with me. :yes: I'd see Edith at NM and go...ehhh. But now she really appeals to me. She's not a complicated girl, I like her clean, simple lines...and the fact that she doesn't scream "expensive bag!" I'm still not wild about the contrast stitching, but her strength and personality make it easy to overlook.

    Just so you know -- the photos of you with your red Edith were part of what convinced me to try her! :graucho:
  5. Oh thank you! It's funny, the contrast stitching is what I (think) I like the most about this purse. The ecru thread helps me wear this red Edith with my warmer shades KWIM??
  6. That's a good point, it really does make the color a little more...diverse. I work in the city, but I live in a very rural area, so I'm probably a little overly sensitive to bags that could potentially cross over from casual to redneck. :p
  7. Me too! Remember I live in Midwest Rural Redneck. I say this lovingly, the people here have a fabulous work ethic and are 'salt of the earth' and purses are the farthest thing from their mind (so I think?)...
  8. your babies are gorgoues.....

    Now what it is about this bag that makes us hardly look at it at first then fall head over heals.....I still love both of mine to death and can't even think of parting with them.
  9. Guess I'm another that shunned Edith in the beginning, thought she looked like a school bag and not quite chic enough, couldn't figue out all the hype over this bag-----HOWEVER, after reluctantly purchasing a whiskey on sale at 33% off over a year ago,(my SA at NM kept telling me how wonderful this bag was), I still kept the tags on for 3 months before carrying it --just knew it was going back. Once I took this bag out for a test run, I was hooked--not only did I get tons of compliments, I just loved the feel and balance of this bag, not to mention the wonderful scrumptous leather, and it quickly became one of my favorites.
    Now I own THREE Ediths, a Whiskey, Black and Mastic, as well as a tall Edith in chocolate--the latter three I purchased on great sales (made it easier to justify). I now own 14 Chloes --thanks tPF---LOL...........and Edith is one I reach for over and over.
  10. I love my red edith. I would love to find another edith in a color like ivory or the butter yellow they had in the spring. What a great bag.
  11. Heh, that's funny...that's exactly what DH said when we first saw Edith in a store..."That looks like a school bag." But when I showed him pics more recently, he liked her more. Miss Edith must be an acquired taste!
  12. Congrats on your Ediths. I am seriously jealous of anyone who can wear Edith in their regular life. I LOVE EDITH but I cannot wear my Edith because I need both hands free :crybaby:I have tried and tried, believe me!!!

    I am now on a full-on hunt for a Large Edith (to go over shoulder - I do not care how big it will look!!!) and an Edith Wallet. Everything about Edith styling is awesome, isn't it? Classic shape, luscious leather - geez, it is ALL GOOD.
  13. Congrats on your beautiful bags! That red one is TDF. Enjoy them.
  14. Ooooh, there's an Edith wallet? I'm in trouble now...:graucho:
  15. I almost returned my Edith because I wasn't sure how much I loved her! But I didn't, thank goodness, especially since I got a fantastic deal. Now I use her everyday and get loads of compliments all the time. Just today someone said I love your bag, who is it by??!!
    Kelly, do you have the messenger style? Mine is, and I find that works really well when you need to be handsfree.