Edith Colors

What color should I get next?

  • Turquoise

  • Chamois

  • Chocolate

  • Grey

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Feb 4, 2006
I already have a whiskey Edith pre-ordered, but word on the street (Purse Forum being "the street") is that the bags are finally beginning to trickle into the U.S. And since my blue Paddy is going back, I am thinking of replacing it with a second Edith. So what color should I get? The choices (so far) are turquoise, chamois--which may be more of a sand color, chocolate, and grey. I have not seen the chocolate or the grey, and I am not sure this blue is the one they will stick with, but I would like to know what you all think as a second color and why.


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I don't have much experience with Chloe, but I have to say that I LOVE grey!! Since you are already pre-ordered in the whiskey, you may not want another brown-hued bag, and I think the grey is beautiful on the paddington. Depending on how the Edith looked in grey, I think that having a grey and whiskey Edith would compliment most of anyone's wardrobe!
I vote the chocolate. It's a lovely colour which I think suits the style of the bag well. Just am not liking that turquoise colour so much on this bag. If they came out with different colours, say that green next to the turquoise bag in the pic, I'd jump all over it! Do you have to pick another bag straight away? Maybe take store credit first. Coz if, as jbelle says, Chloe is bringing out new colours for the Edith for fall, maybe you could wait till then and see if you like any of the new colours.. that's if they are bringing out new colours. Do u know? What's the word on that?
I had also pre-ordered the LARGE size Chamois Edith, but was thinking about canceling the order (as I've been really hankering for the YSL Muse Bag). Then again, when I saw the pictures of the Turquoise ... I REALLY like it!!!
It would be fun to get something contrasting and colourful this time, since you've already got a go with anything shade. How about the turquoise? Otherwise, the chamois is pretty and understated.
If you're already getting the whiskey edith, then I would go for a color completely different from the nude tones, so that pretty much means gray or turquoise. While normally, I would shy away from turquoise, I think that color is absolutely gorgeous and in that style also!!

I wish we had a picture of the grey too. :biggrin: :biggrin: I think no matter what, you're going to really love that bag!
I think the turquoise looks more like the jeans moyen. It's not a true turquoise. What do you all think?

I ordered the chamois because I like it as a summer bag.
Okay...to try to address everybody in one post:
1. No, I don't think it can be worn on the shoulder, because the handle drop is only 4 inches if my information is correct;
2. I don't have to order right now...I can wait until we see the fall line;
3. Yes, a Chloe rep did tell me the Edith would be carried into the fall...
...so maybe I can wait a LITTLE bit longer (since the whiskey isn't even here yet), but all the colors are SO beautiful!
LOL! :biggrin: Ok, so are you any closer to deciding? It's hard, isn't it:P?? But I think unless you have your heart set on one particular colour, you should wait to get your whiskey one first and then check out the fall colours. At least this way, you get to use your whiskey one for a bit first and see how you like it. Who knows, u may decide on a different style completely.;)
I have the chocolate and whiskey pre-ordered but will (obviously) only keep one. I already have a whiskey Paddy but Edith looks so lovely in this color I couldn't resist. I've now set my sights on the grey though... it's so freaking gorgeous!! And then I also can't get the mousse Paddy out of my head. *head explodes*

Do we know if the grey will show up on NM or BG? I've heard it will be available in March but it seems limited.