Edith colors on Luisaviaroma

  1. On the Luisaviaroma webpage they have the Edith in Brun and Muscade. Does anyone know how these colors are in real life?
    Thanks for your help:flowers:
  2. Hi - i'm assuming brun is another name for 'brown' and i've also learnt that muscade is another name for 'nutmeg':yes: Though i've not seen them IRL...i think the pics i've seen give a pretty good indication.

    If you check this thread, you can see the difference between nutmeg (muscade) and whiskey (ecureil):


    And here's link to a thread of Audrey's beautiful chocolate (brown) paddies.


    Hope this helps!:flowers:
  3. LVR is great, but do do a little research to make sure. I just purchased the ROUGE (red) Edith. The service was great, but the colour I got is different from the ROUGE they posted ( not metallic-y at all ). It is the new colour, cause I saw it at the store. I kept it cause I love the Edith, but colour was off from what I was expecting. So make sure!
  4. ^that's so true - when I purchased my taupe paddington from LVR it looked like tan in their pictures... my story got happy ending as I loved the colour but I was quite surprised when I opened the box :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for all the help! :biggrin:

    I ended up ordering the gris/vert Edith from LVR on Monday, but have not received any shipping info yet. Do they normally send a proper order confirmation a bit late?