EDITH colors - i'm soooo confused!

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  1. Okay - so I looked on ebay and something is funny. This bag was listed as "chocolate" and rare?
    ^^this is what I pictured the chocolate looking like in my head - but it also looks darker then the photo's i've seen posted from people who have received their chocolate bags.

    This bag is listed as "whiskey"

    BUT so is this ("whiskey"

    is it me or do they look different?

    So far no listings or mention of NM "cocoa distressed Edith"? Is that a shade or variation we just haven't seen yet?

    Does anyone know the master list of how many colors the Edith is supposed to come in? I'm confused....
  2. I think they're all right... I think the second whiskey just has a flash on it and the first doesn't? I tried a whiskey paddy and it was very much like the second IRL.... had a real red tinge.
  3. I have heard that the whiskey is darker than it photographs, so the first is probably a more "true" color and the second is flash-enhanced, or what the bag may look like in bright daylight. That chocolate looks pretty dark, but then again Roz's photos tend toward the light side and she is the only one who had a chocolate posted for a while. If the chocolate is really THAT dark, I am loving it!

    Beauxgoris, the bag colors so far are whiskey, chamois, grey, chocolate, and turquoise. All the eBay sellers are going to list it as "rare" since it has been such a nightmare to get hold of...but I think they are becoming slightly more available as those on the waitlist decide whether they want to stay or let the bag go to the next in line.
  4. So what's up with NM's Edith bag called "distressed cocoa" - that's what really confuses me.... Is it just code for the chocolate (even though it doesn't look that distressed) or is it a whole different (new) color?
  5. I am not sure. NM had a chocolate before, so maybe this is something that has been recently released...maybe something exclusive to NM? Have you called them? I saw the chocolate that a PF member received earlier today. Exciting that they are all coming in! I wish it was a dark, dark chocolate. Since it's not, I am sticking with the whiskey. It didn't arrive today...Monday I guess.
  6. Did we ever decide if chamois and sand were the same color? I don't remember. It looked different to me, but I can't imagine Chloe coming out with two such similar colors... but then again, they did do the tan and whiskey, grey and the mousse and so forth. :blink:
  7. beauxgoris, the first picture is the chocolate color. The second and third is the whiskey color but under different light settings--Etenebris is correct. I purchased mine (whiskey) from Chloe, Costa Mesa, CA a few weeks ago (I had been on their waiting list for a couple months). As far as available colors: Saks spring calalog shows it in chamois; Bergdorf's spring catalog shows colors in whiskey, butttercream, gray and chocolate crocodile; NM in chamois. As far as I know, they are sold out in Chloe CA and NY and net-a-porter.com due to long waiting lists. Not sure about Bergdorfs or Saks.
  8. The sand and buttercream may be the same, but I hope the sand and the chamois are not. The Saks pic looks SO much richer (in chamois) than the sand photos! But I think I need to see one to be sure. I don't care for the sand, but I LOVE the chamois. Hopefully I will love my whiskey when it comes (supposedly) on Monday.
  9. So I solved the mystery. Last week when I ordered my chocolate from the website I also called NM to ask about the color as it was listed as "distressed cocoa" instead of chocolate - she said there was no photo, but she would send me the catalogue with the photo.

    It arrived today and is very chocolately - it looks like the first bag on the page. So I guess NM just came up with there own name.

    I still should get the Cocoa Edith from NM - but my Whiskey will be here on wednesday. How oh how am I going to choose ONE??!?!?
  10. Humm - why do I have the feeling you'll end up with the Whiskey and the Chamois - and i'll end up with the Whiskey and the Chocolate.

    We need to STOP each other!
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Oh...and let us not forget that there is a rumor that a cream color is lined up for winter! But ONLY if I don't keep my blanc pocket...maybe an exchange for the chamois or cream. Maybe the Edith will come and I will hate it...LOL! :lol: Somehow I don't think so. My SA did mention that it will look better after I "beat it up" a bit, which is something to look forward to. So if it's not wrinkly when it arrives, and if I am keeping it, I guess I will roll it up a bit and see if I can get it wrinkly!
  12. ^^I think you're right about the "beating it up" theory. I think it will look better aged - then it will new.