Edith Classic Satchel or Edith Large Bowling Bag? Please HELP!

  1. O.K. Ladies....
    I purchased an edith classic satchel in the medium in the color Muscade. I LOVE the color muscade....great "medium" color that would work for summer or fall :smile:Love the black contrast stitching on this color...it really pops!

    Then, I came across an edith large bowling bag in Saks while shopping last night & it really caught my eye....didn't know they made this larger size which I LOVE BIG BAGS!!! It was in the color brown, similar to the muscade. Not sure the contrast stitching pops quite as much on the brown color but I loved it anyway.

    My questions are:
    1. Is the bowling bag that much larger than the classic satchel? It seemed from just glancing it had much more depth. Is it really that much more substantial in size?

    2. What do you guys think of the distressed,crumpled type leather? Is it more squishy than the typical edith leather?

    Any thought or comments would be appreciated!

    I should have had the bag held as Saks was closing, but am tempted to call & actually go see it in person ...was in a rush & didn't get to examine it up close but it was TO DIE FOR :smile:
  2. I think the Bowler is just too huge, so I would go with the regular Edith.
  3. Hello Zeitgeist!

    Thanks so much for your vote. I appreciate your response :smile:
    Okay, I'm not crazy...just really confused about the sizing difference between the two. The store(BG) where I purchased the edith classic satchel gave dimensions that were incorrect. The length was off by 3.5 inches or more & the height was also off a couple (guess they counted the handles & then some) of inches.

    I called the Saks store to ask if they could give dimensions for the large bowling bag & the dimensions they gave me were not much different than the "supposed" dimensions of the 1st bag. However, since the actual bag was off by several inches in height & width , if the bowling's dimensions given are accurate, then it will be significantly larger :smile:

    I wish people would give accurate dimensions of merchandise...life would be so much easier! Has anyone seen the bags or ever compared the two?

    Thanks in advance...I'm really not looney!!!
  4. haha, you're not looney...I went crazy with 3 bags of the same style. ;)

    you can see the dimensions online too.

    Regular Edith Satchel -
    11"H x 16 1/2"L x 6"W.

    Edith Bowler
    13 1/5"H x 18 4/5"W x 7 1/5"D


    According to these dimensions, it doesn't seem that much bigger...but I've seen both in person, and to me, the Bowler is Huge! I'm not that short...and I feel like the bag will eat me up. :s I would not use that as an everyday bag. Many people seems to get it and use it as an overnight...so from that you can also imagine how big it is.

    you know where my vote will go -
    hahaha....LOVE LOVE LOVE it! :heart:
  5. Gingerfarm!

    You are a Godsend!! Thank you a million times for the dimensions. You are all going to think I'm insane but leaning towards the bowling bag. Am I just crazy to think a tall girl could pull it off as a great looking bag?

    One more question...what about the color brown? Is it a pretty color? Is it a "warm" shade? Oh, I'm just second guessing myself all over the place :sad: I think it's quite similar to the muscade but who knows!

    Thanks for everything...the dimensions they gave for my satchel were much closer to the bowling dimensions so I guess I was just expecting the bag to be huge!! I think now I might need both...haha!
  6. I have both!!! I bought the bowler a few months ago....it is too big to carry everyday. I use it for over nights or carry-on. I also spotted the edith satchel at NM last week and went crazy. I purchased it and am so excited that I can actually use her everyday. What a great pair to travel with:wlae: