Edith Choc, Turquoise and Grey now listed by Roz

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  1. I'd love to raid Roz's ebay stockroom. She always has great stuff

    omg she has the silver clutch. I waant!
  2. Thanks for posting the pics! I wonder where she gets all her ediths...
  3. Hmmmm....I ordered the Choco Edith and I'm not sure I like the color or not. :huh:
  4. thats exactly what I was thinking... WHERE and HOW does she get a hold of all these bags. and if you notice on her feedback list, she sold plenty of ediths and alot of her mulitple ediths auctions are shown private.

    just a thought.
  5. I think maybe she is a VIP or she prolly has a fantastic relationship with the store or SA that she can place pre-orders for multiple items. She's a legit seller;) .

    The "private" listing is to protect buyers/biders from spam. Some dodgy fake sellers will scan eBay auctions for high-end items and get a hold of the bidders' IDs and then send those bidders offers of various items. I know coz I was a bidder on some auth LV stuff some yrs back. My mailbox started getting inundated with all these ppl trying to sell me LVs (which were fake!). So now, I really appreciate eBay sellers who do private listings.
  6. I have been after pics of the chocolate Edith forever! Now that I see it...it's "eh." I think the grey she has is photographing lighter than the bag actually is (from what the Chloe stores have told me), and the turquoise is really fun. Given what we have seen thus far, my money is still on (literally) the whiskey. The chocolate looks more "work bag" to me...the whiskey just is a gorgeous everywhere bag. I wonder if the choco is darker in person, too?

  7. must be nice to be VIP :amuse:
  8. I'm not an Edith fan but I do love the turquoise one. It's such a beautiful colour.
  9. Same here Tanja! That turqoise one is making me reconsider my stand on the Edith. The way the leather crumples is just so divine. :love:
  10. OMG~ I think the whiskey is very beautiful color before.. but after I've seen the other colors.. I love love the Turquoise and the chocolate also the grey color!!
  11. eeek! I love that turquoise Edith... even though i don't like the Edith style that much.
  12. I dont like edith much before but now it is growing on me!!

    I think I need to get one.. I nearly got a whiskey.. after i seen the new color, I might need to re-consider the color choice.
  13. I don't like the Edith, but I love the colour... If there was a paddy in that colour, I'd snap it up in a minute!
  14. i want them all!