Edith Cho & Whiskey Pics

  1. These are the pics of the cho and whiskey I ordered. I am keeping the chocolate. :yahoo:

  2. Gorgeous! I have a choco arriving today too! I'm DYING to see this color! Enjoy your bag. =)
  3. I Don't Think The Choc Photographs As Pretty As It Is In Person.that Is The One I Am Keeping.notice How It Can Fit On My Shoulder And I Am No That Small . It Can Give Your Hand A Break, I Guess, If Only For A Short While.
  4. Wow, they both look beautiful, seaed! I'd love to see chocolate IRL too! What tipped the scales in favor of the chocolate bag?
  5. I Think For Me It Might Go With More Things .but I Dont Know It Was Tough But In The End I Just Had To Pick. Boy I Really Tried To Get Good Close Ups But They Still Look Much Better In Person. Did You Click To Enlarge The Photo?
  6. Yes - I enlarged the photos - the chocolate one is still loading!!!
  7. I REALLY like the chocolate.
  8. I love the color of the chocolate bag taken without flash.
  9. Seaed, OMG, doesn't it take you forever to type that way? lol!

    BOTH of your bags are gorgeous. I have a whiskey as well and with my new choco arriving, choco would be my pic if I had to choose. Okay, I probably SHOULD choose but for now I can't. :rolleyes:
  10. Gorgeous bags! You wear it very well! Congrats!
  11. Both are gorgeous! I'm dying to see a choco live...
  12. Finally, another choco owner!! Yours looks gorgeous. Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. They both look great. Love the Choco color!
  14. seaed - what's up with the funky typing? (just wondering?)
  15. :lol: Once I accidentally had CAPs Lock on and when I submitted my post it converted everything to Title Case - like it's pre-set to not let you YELL!!??!! Maybe that's what's happening with seaed! Cuz I agree, that would be quite a feat!