Edith Chloe Satchel at BG

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  1. [​IMG]I got this one regular price $1450 and on sale for $572. Hurry there was one left!
  2. link pls?
  3. oh wow! she's back!!go grab her ladies!!!
  4. looks very similar..don't you think so?description is the same as well..hmmm...
    thanks JNH14!
  5. The price is different for both bags...NM and BG share in their merchandise...
  6. oh!its gone again!that was quick!
  7. wow...that's way cheap. thanks for the link! it was gone tho...hope someone got it here!
  8. Love the bag!!! i really wanted that bag AND what a great price!!! hope it went to a lucky member
  9. wow! amazing deal! that went really quickly