edith chamois - hard to keep clean?

  1. advise?
  2. no idea, but I have a camel bay (similar colour, size, diff leather) and it is pretty easy to keep clean (but I am careful with it)
  3. thx ruby. this colour is light tan right?
  4. Yeah bagpunk, light creamy tan, I think the chamois is possibly slightly lighter, but I haven't seen it IRL so am not sure.

    I also have a nuage paddy- very light beige/grey (lighter than chamois I would guess), and the leather is probably quite similar to the edith leather. I have been carrying that everyday for several weeks now and haven't had any problems keeping it clean.

    One heart stopping moment was when DH and I took our two year old twins to feed the ducks at Loch Lomond- we were on the sand on a wet day, feeding the ducks. I carried one of my kids back to the car and when we were all settled in the car I noticed my paddy had slimy dark green seaweed marks on it (obviously from her boots)- ugh! But they just wiped off, completely, easily- thank goodness.
  5. I carried my white Edith all summer and I didn't baby it at all. I haven't noticed anything except the handles did get a bit dirty... but nothing that a wipe with a damp cloth with a bit of soap couldn't cure. Those Ediths are durable (but I don't have any experience with the other styles/leathers)
  6. thanks gals!