Edith caught in the rain

  1. I just got an Edith over the wknd (my first Chloe) I caught in the rain...sprinkling mind you. And I see water spots. I read the insert in the bag and it says to waterproof baby lambskins regularly...does anyone know if Edith is baby lambskin. I called my SA at Neiman's and she said just to let is dry. It's been over 2 hours and I still see the spots. I have the light tan color...someone please help I'm freaking out!!!
  2. I'd give it least overnight before I'd started worrying, I had a stain on my silverado and it disappeared after a couple of days. Don't panic and wet the whole bag or put conditioner on it, just give it time to completely dry and see if it goes back to normal.
  3. My Ediths have been caught in the rain lots of times... I just wipe them dry when I get inside. So far, I've never noticed any spots. I have never treated the leathers either.
  4. I think the edith is not lambskin, but rather buffalo or something like that. I have been using my edith religiously day in and day out for work and she holds up amazingly well. She's been rain on and such and still keeps on going. In fact my grey one got something on her earlier today but now, it's as good as new.

  5. What color is you edith? I waited overnight and I still see the spots. This is the lightest color bag I have. I have a tan kooba that has been wet many times and it dries with no problem. I know a Chloe should perform better than that bag!!!
  6. Just to be on the safe side, I never take my Chloe bags out when it's raining. It's LeSportsac all the way!
  7. Hi fendi_freak, is light tan the same as Chamois? I have a first season Chamois Edith and I got it wet in the rain a couple times but the leather held up really well - the water marks disappeared.

    Hope the spots are gone! :yes:

  8. Yes it is the Chamois color...how long did it take for your spots to disappear? It got wet about this time yesterday so it's been like 24 hours
  9. ^^ Hmm I don't remember exactly but I think it's not more than overnight. What are the marks like now? If they are bad you should def take it back to the store and ask for help since you've just bought the bag!

  10. It's weird...they are not extremely noticeable per se but if you get close you can see streaks like where the rain hit and ran down the bag...maybe I'm just being anal but when you pay decent money from a bag you expect certain performance and durability. I think Im going to take it back to the store and see what they say
  11. Sorry it took so long to get back to you... I have Ediths in black, white, whiskey and Jade. None of them show the rain or water marks, but then again, they are not a light colour like yours... the white doesn't show water spots at all.

    I live in an area considered to be a rainforest. If I waited for the rain to subside, I would never be able to use my bags...haha.
  12. I'm surprised the rain stained your Edith that much. I've had a droplet or two fall onto my Edith (but never caught in a downpour) and those droplets have dried and disappeared with no trace before.
  13. I bought the Miu Miu buffalo leather hobo and I got just a few drops on it when it rained and it is spotted as well. I was just sick about it-it never rains in Atlanta and it was her first trip out and about! Prada Psycho told me to mist it with a water bottle-let it all get wet and let it dry. She said it worked on her bag-but she wasn't sure if it was deerskin or buffalo. I may take mine to the shoe shop and see what they suggest-the same for my new Chloe Ava, my BV, and my Zac Posen-all in the lighter shades of brown...:wtf:
  14. Edith is not lambskin, hope it clears for you!
  15. Maybe it was acid rain. Seriously, I was out walking around campus one day and out of nowhere it started monsooning. I got soaked, my backpack got soaked, and my books were ruined. The pages turned a strange brown color. I later found out that it was an acid rainstorm. So maybe there were chemicals in the water that stained your bag?