Edith Boots

  1. Just got the Edith Bowler in Muscade...now on the hunt for the boots. If anyone runs across these in an 81/2 or 9 please post. I would be so grateful.
  2. they have some on yoox.com
  3. Thank you, just checked not my size. Bummer!!!
    The search continues...
  4. hahah....i've been scouring eBay for some...but the prices are so high, i almost just want to buy another bag! :p
  5. I know what you mean. Called every NM outlet, missed the last pair in my size by an hour. Sure sign to forget them and move on. Anyway, who needs shoes when you've got the right bag![​IMG]
  6. I want a pair but the heel seems so High! and the Yoox prices are not amazing to say the least!!!! Not worth the risk.....
  7. Thanks for the link. I agree, I think these prices are a bit much for boots.
  8. NO THEY ARE NOT (too expensive)!! Granted good boots are outrageously high, therefore the sales are going to be like the purses, barely palitable. I bought my mastic Edith boots (last Call) for 650 dollars from NM. So Yoox's prices aren't too far off, with the right codes you get free shipping. With NM I had to pay tax, however I had free shipping. Size 8.5 and especially 9's sell out fast since they are popular sizes.

    I paid full retail (ouch) for a black Edith in size nine from a Chloe boutique, they didn't have this pair on Yoox (believe it or not there's different Edith boots??). I believe the pair I got are on NP. Did I mention YOOX's free shipping???

    I so love my Chloe boots, dare I say even more than the purses (oops there it is I said it). Comfort for me is definitely there. Their three inch heel, because of the mild platform, feels very good. I'm in sales and thus on my feet every day and if I can handle them, I'm sure you can too.

    There are some 8.5's left and a nine in the red *yummy*.:upsidedown:

    This other boot is to die for too but not an Edith. It's calling my name in the brown.

    My motto is boots, boots, boots in the Fall and Winter (short ones, fat ones, skinny ones LOL) IOW you can't own enought and then sandals in the Summer!!!!!!!!!!