Edith boot, brown almost 50% off..

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  1. Hot diggity damn! This boot is still available! If the heel wasn't so thick I would get it!
  2. Love that boot, and I could wear that size in a heel, but the heel is too tall for me.
  3. Listen - this boot is totally TDF - fat heel and all. I bought it last year in the mastic but had to return it since it was just too small. Meanwhile Susie has been wearing hers for a while now and I go pea green with envy!!!

  4. I wore these boots in Mastic to a sales call with a co-worker. She kept staring at my feet and said, "Gosh Susan those are really amazing. Who makes them!!" She knows Chloe like she knows the man on the moon! But they really are cool, cool boots, chunky heel and all. In fact the heel is pretty comfortable?:tup:
  5. It's bbbaaaccckkkkkkkkk.........

  6. LOL it's goooooooooone!!!!!!!:graucho:
  7. does anyone know where I can get a pair of edith boots in a size 8...I'm having no luck:sad: